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“Joe!” In the G7, Macron challenges Biden, and the encounter goes unnoticed


Lucas Barth via Reuters

US President Joe Biden has exchanged views with Emmanuel Macron on strategies facing oil-producing countries.

International – Is it a good idea to talk about the strategy being followed in front of the cameras towards the oil producing countries? Emmanuel Macron The answer may be. This Monday, June 27, on the sidelines of the G7 in Germany, the head of state made the call. President of the United States When he discusses with a consultant.

Pictures of Joe Biden chatting with his National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on BFMTV. Emmanuel Macron, in the background, approaches. “Joe! Mr. President! ”, Apostrophe in English.

“Mr. President, forgive me for interrupting you …”, before explaining the reason for the inconvenience, he still begins in English. “I decided to call on the President of the United Arab Emirates to increase production,” he explains, ignoring the cameras and microphones.

“Maybe we should discuss it inside”

However, the material is sensitive. The oil embargo against Moscow in the wake of the Ukraine invasion has sent prices skyrocketing, and Westerners are urging OPEC and OPEC + – 23 of the world’s two oil-producing nations – to increase their production further to reduce pump pressure.

After his call to Mohammed Ben Sayeed, Emmanuel Macron reports the content of their exchanges with Joe Biden: “[Le pays] Is the maximum [de production de pétrole], That’s all he says, that’s all he can do. He then told me that the Saudis could increase theirs […]. Finally, he told me that with regard to Russian oil, India needs to be reassured.

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Emmanuel Macron did not have time to complete his sentence and was interrupted for unknown reason. At the end of the footage released by the anti-Biden U.S. Republican account, we hear an adviser – presumably Jacques Sullivan – interrupt him again as he appears to want to continue the French presidential conversation: “Maybe we should. Discuss inside.” “All right, all right,” Emmanuel Macron replies.

The United Arab Emirates is reacting

Later, in a statement, Souhail bin Mohammed Al-Mazrouei, Emirati’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, confirmed that “Emirates’ production was close to the maximum capacity currently planned within OPEC +’s framework at 3168 million barrels per day.

He found the line circulating on social media, and later dated “i” on Twitter. “In light of recent media reports, I would like to make it clear that the UAE is approaching our maximum productivity based on its current OPEC + base output, the UAE has promised ‘at the end of the deal’, he reiterated.

Internet users do the same with “The Office”

On social networks, this line generated thousands of shares. While some users have condemned the intervention of Emmanuel Macron, many have ridiculed him, especially for drawing in parallel with a series character. “Actually, Macron is Michael Scott OfficeExcept he’s president, ”one of them writes about American sitcom Especially having an incompetent corporate executive. “We live Office You want us to be good, ”said another.

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Others thought he had mocked Manchester City’s current coach Pep Cardiola for his fascination with camera lenses.

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