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Kyrgyzstan wants a new sun on its flag so it doesn’t look like a sunflower anymore


Demonstrators protest against the replacement of Kyrgyzstan’s national flag in Bishkek on December 9, 2023. VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO / AFP

Parliament approved changing the design of the national flag so that it truly resembled the “shining” sun.

It looks like a sunflower: Kyrgyzstan’s parliament approved on Wednesday, December 19, a change in the design of the national flag so that it actually evokes the sun.”Glasses» in this Central Asian country, according to officials.

The flag, which represents a yellow circle with wavy rays and a traditional Kyrgyz nomadic sphere in the middle on a red background, gives an impression of “Ambiguous“, according to Nurlanbek Shakiyev, the speaker of the parliament and one of the authors of the bill to change this design. Thus, many residents of this former Soviet republic, which was experiencing economic problems, often took this circle with rays for sunflowers, an interpretation that was unpleasant to the authorities.

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“Sun light”

A bill introduced by Nurlanbek Shakiyev in September proposes to change the shape of the flag’s rays.Clearly reminiscent of the sun’s rays“. It was approved by 59 delegates against five who voted against. Kyrgyz President Sadir Dzabarov gave unconditional support to change the design of the flag.

«If a new version of the flag is approved, we will no longer be dependent“, he said at the end of October. “In our society, our flag looks like a sunflower, so we believed that the country could not recover».

«From now on everything will be like the sun shining on us and smiling at us“, he said, inviting his companions to believe that Kyrgyzstan”Now it will be an autonomous and developed country“. The idea didn’t please all Kyrgyz people, however, as dozens of people took to the streets in the capital Bishkek in early December to protest the replacement of the flag.

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