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Lacking fresh grass, a herd of goats devours the entire harvest of medical cannabis


A herd of sheep that broke into a greenhouse in Almyros, Greece ate around 100 kilos of cannabis. The shepherd realized this when his animals developed strange behavior.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” The owner of a greenhouse-grown medical cannabis farm got an unpleasant surprise on Thursday, September 21, when it was devoured by sheep.

The animals were looking for fresh grass near the town of Almyros in Greece. After the wildfires, the area was devastated by the floods that hit the country this summer. Failing to find grass, the ruminants fell back on another grass, as reported by the media The

At least 100 kg of medical cannabis was consumed directly in a greenhouse. Bad weather in the last few months has already reduced the output significantly.

“With the heat, we lost part of the production, with the flood, we lost the rest, and the best thing was a herd of goats that I don’t know how they came back, what started to eat. I left. Honestly, I don’t know what to say,” the operator testified in the magazine.

“They’re all crazy”

The shepherd realized the problem when he noticed the strange behavior of his sheep. “They’re all crazy,” the farmer reportedly commented to a local radio station Parisian,

The situation also highlights the enormous difficulties growers face after the devastating path of Hurricane Daniel. According to the site, one lakh animals died in the flood Greek reporter.

Satellite photo of flooding in Greece on September 9, 2023. – Manual / Satellite Image ©2023 Maxar Technologies / AFP

“If there is no immediate help in terms of livestock, the livestock that survived the disaster will starve to death,” laments the mayor of Tyrnavos in the east of the country.

In the most damaged areas, such as Thessaly, the passage of the water is still clearly visible. 17 people died due to the storm.

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