June 25, 2024

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Live – French hostages in Gaza: “France has not abandoned its children”, Emmanuel Macron assured

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas reached its 100th day on Sunday, the head of state vowed “to give nothing” for the release of the last hostages taken in Gaza.
“We will do everything to bring everyone home,” Emmanuel Macron says in a video on X.
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Macron's promises

More than three months after the deadly attacks by Hamas in Israel, Emmanuel Macron is still calling for continued efforts to free hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist movement. Three French nationals are still missing.


French hostages in Gaza

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas reaches one hundred days, Emmanuel Macron vows in a video that “France has not abandoned its children” and that “nothing will give” to free the hostages still in Gaza. “We will do everything, you can count on me to bring them all home,” says the Head of State.

Emmanuel Macron vows to “do everything” to free last French hostagesSource: TF1 information

“Right to Live in Security”

“It is important to remember that we are fighting more than any other war, a war started by a bloodthirsty enemy, a war that killed innocent people inhumanely, we will not forget, we will not forget, we will continue. Remind even those who try to deny it,” Israeli army chief Herzey Halevi said on Saturday. “No one will stop us, The Hack, or the Axis of Evil, or anyone else,” says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Jewish state.

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“A mission in our humanity”

The head of the aid agency for the Palestinians declared on Saturday that the large-scale death, destruction and “pain of the past hundred days” since the start of the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas was “a stain on our common humanity”. Refugees from the UN (UNRWA).

“It has been one hundred days since the beginning of this catastrophic war that killed and displaced people in Gaza, following brutal attacks by Hamas and other groups against the people of Israel. One hundred days of hardship and pain for the hostages and their families,” criticized Philippe Lazzarini in a press release.

What is the total?

The conflict between Israel and Hamas will enter its 100th day of war this Sunday, January 14. Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip and its people since the October 7 terrorist attack by the Islamic Movement on Hebrew soil. According to Israeli officials, about 130 hostages are still in the hands of Hamas in the Palestinian territories.


A meeting for 100 days

A 24-hour rally is planned starting this evening in Tel Aviv to commemorate the 100th day of the war between Israel and Hamas, marking the 100th day since the Israeli hostages were held. At its launch, Emmanuel Macron's video message should be broadcast to everyone, a relative of the hostage said.

117 journalists were killed

According to the Hamas media office, 117 journalists have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7. At the site, reporters have no protection from the Israeli army's incessant shelling, and the buildings seem indistinguishable by type.

Attacks in the West Bank

The Israeli military said it had killed three attackers yesterday evening in the Jewish settlement of Adora in the occupied West Bank, a scene that has intensified violence on the sidelines of the war in Gaza. The army said the attackers entered the settlement, located about 20 kilometers from Hebron, a major city in the southern West Bank, and opened fire on soldiers on patrol.

The Israeli army added that although residents of the colony had received a warning from authorities to stay at home due to “terrorist infiltration”, “three attackers were identified and neutralized by security forces”.


The war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip is now in its 99th day since the October 7 attacks. Bombings in Gaza continued overnight after Israel defended itself against genocide charges for its actions in the Gaza Strip before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. For its part, the UN accuses the Israeli military of restricting fuel supplies, particularly to hospitals.

As with the fight with Palestinian Hamas, the Gaza Strip once again faced complete internet and telephone blackouts as Israeli bombardments continued in the small besieged territory.

We regret to announce the complete suspension of communication and Internet services in Gaza after the Israeli side disconnected the servers.Palestinian operator Baltel confirmed in a press release that such cuts have already taken place since the start of hostilities in the Palestinian territories.

“Communication with our groups in Gaza has been completely cut off”The Palestinian Red Cross expressed regret, saying it has complicated the work of emergency services to quickly reach victims.

The UN lamented that aid operations in the north of the territory are becoming increasingly difficult, while the humanitarian situation there remains dire, accusing the Israeli army of restricting fuel supplies, particularly to hospitals.

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