May 26, 2024

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LIVE – Israel-Hamas war: Rocket warning sirens sound in Jerusalem

Since the planned attack by Hamas against Israel last Saturday, October 7, the response of the Hebrew government against the Gaza Strip has not weakened. Airstrikes have already killed 2,750 people, according to the Palestinian Islamic Movement’s health ministry. More than a million people have reached the coast from north to south, preparing for an immediate ground attack at Tel Aviv’s call. But the civilian situation there still worries the UN and various NGOs. “No security, no food, no water,” Iyad Alastal, a resident of the enclave’s south, confirmed to LCI in the video below.

“There are really no safe places because the Israeli attacks have not stopped since the start of this war against the Gaza Strip, there is no security,” he stressed. According to him, “the Israeli army does not respect any agreement, even under the UN leadership”. “We fear fresh strikes and deaths,” he lamented. “I don’t feel safe even at home. Strikes can also target civilian homes.”

As for the civilians who fled the north of the Palestinian territory and sought refuge in the south beyond the Gaza River, “some of them were attacked by the Israeli army,” Iyad Alastal alleged. , even this part has a “very dramatic atmosphere”. He also lamented “electricity and water cuts”: “Many are waiting in front of bakeries to buy bread, markets are empty except for vegetables. People are trying to find food, medicine etc. “The same thing” he described, lamenting the “catastrophic situation”.