May 26, 2024

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Live Ukraine war: Poland to send 2,000 soldiers to Belarus border

Live Ukraine war: Poland to send 2,000 soldiers to Belarus border

12:58 p.m

Explosion at Russian military supply factory

The explosion occurred at a Russian factory in the city of Sergiev Posad, not far from Moscow. Officially, according to Russian media, this is a mechanical optics factory. But, according to the Ukrainian consultant, the factory was also used to produce equipment for the Russian military. At least 45 people were injured.


Almost 500 children were killed

According to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office, 499 Ukrainian children have been killed since the Russian invasion began. They have injured nearly 1,600.


Polish soldiers on the border with Belarus

According to Reuters, Belarus will send 2,000 soldiers to the Polish border to help border guards as attempts to cross the Polish border have increased. Belarus is one of the main supporters of Russia.


And against Zelenksy

On Twitter, the Ukrainian president is once again showing his drive to win the war. In his view, victory would be tantamount to “guaranteeing the security of life and liberty,” which would only be possible if his people were “united.”


“Partial” victories in the South

Still in Telegram, Hanna Maliar claims “partial victories” for the Ukrainian army in the south of the country, including the gain of previously lost positions. The Russian military is suffering “significant material and human losses,” the Ukrainian deputy defense minister asserts. An explanation that fits the point of the Institute for the Study of War We were talking about that this morning Ukrainian forces reportedly succeeded in reaching the eastern bank of the Dnipro at Kherson.


Difficult situation in the east


One person was injured in Russia

As the Guardian reports, the governor of the Russian region of Belgorod (on the border with Ukraine) confirmed in a telegram that one person was injured when an unidentified object fell on a village. Consistent with a wound caused by a bullet shell.


“Green Light” for Pilot Training

Once upon a time Press conference On Tuesday evening, Pentagon spokesman Joe Biden promised to give the “green light” to “authorize and support” training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. He recalls Denmark and the Netherlands leading the way in training.

Harald Tittel/dpa/Icon Sports


Details of the alleged cyber attack

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that it had succeeded in thwarting a Russian cyber attack that targeted the information system of the armed forces. According to Independence of KievThe attack was attributed to a hacker group called Sandworm that allegedly tried to recover data from Android phones used by Ukrainian soldiers.


One person died in the Dnipropetrovsk region

According to Serguiï Lyssak, the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Russian bombing targeting the city of Nikopol killed an 18-year-old at night. Three others were injured, he said in a telegram.


Frequent attacks on Russian ships

As noted by the British Ministry of Defence, drones have attacked several Russian ships in recent days: the tanker MT Sig in the Kerch Strait, the landing ship Olenegorsky Kornyak and boats escorting the merchant ship Sparta IV. Although the MT Sig and Sparta IV are officially civilian ships, they are used for military purposes, including the delivery of supplies and oil between Russia and Syria. The British Ministry of Defense points out that since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been relying heavily on these ships to supply its troops in Syria, as Russia can no longer cross the Bosphorus Strait.

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Ukrainian breakthrough in Kherson?

According to the latest point of the Institute for Combat Research, Ukrainian troops managed to cross the Dnipro at Kherson, thus reaching the eastern bank. However, it is not yet certain that Ukrainian forces have “established a permanent presence” there.


Buyer Germany?

Yet according to the Guardian, it cites the German daily Handelsblatt, it would be a German company that would have bought Panther tanks destined for Ukraine. The government is yet to comment.


Almost 50 Leopard tanks were purchased for Ukraine

According to Guardian, a major European country – which has not been disclosed – bought 49 Belgian-owned Leopard tanks to supply the Ukrainian army. They will not be on the battlefield for six months, the arms dealer who handled the transaction reveals.


On Ukrainian grains, Westerners must “fulfill their promises”

The Turkish president assessed on Tuesday evening that the solution to the transport of Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea “depends on the Western countries that must fulfill their promises”. He notes that “no steps have been taken to transform the positive situation created by the Black Sea Initiative into a ceasefire, which would then make it possible to transform it into a sustainable peace agreement.” Last week, President Erdogan spoke on the phone with his Russian counterpart, saying he was aware of “Russia’s demands” on the issue.



Drone attacks are on the rise

Ukrainian drone strikes have multiplied in recent weeks on Russian territory, mostly targeting Moscow and the annexed Crimean peninsula. On July 30, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Moscow: “Gradually, the war is returning to the borders of Russia, to its symbolic centers and military bases, which is an inevitable, natural and completely justified process. ┬╗

Last week, Russia said it destroyed seven drones in the Kaluga region, south of Moscow. Officials said Moscow suffered several drone strikes last week, including one that damaged an office building in its main business district, which was targeted twice in a matter of days.

Icon Sport/Xinhua/Bai Suu Kyi


According to Moscow, the drone attack was foiled

Russian air defenses shot down two Ukrainian drones headed for Moscow, Russian officials announced Wednesday morning, amid an increase in such attacks targeting the Russian capital. “There were no casualties or damage,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram. According to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyan, one of the devices was shot down in the “Domodedovo area” south of the capital, and the second in the “Minsk highway area”, west of Moscow.



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