April 13, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: Odesa blast during Zelensky's visit, Kiev says at least five dead

Here are some things to remember about yesterday:

◾ Russia said it had downed a fighter jet to intercept three French military planes approaching its territory over the Black Sea, an incident denied by a French military source.

◾ Ukraine yesterday said it destroyed a Russian warship near the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula, setting a new snub on Moscow in this strategic area of ​​the Black Sea. kyiv also claims to have hit an oil depot in Belgorod, a Russian region bordering Ukraine. In recent weeks, there has been a series of similar attacks against oil facilities in Russia.

◾ A Ukrainian court has sentenced two men to 10 to 12 years in prison for passing sensitive information to Russia amid its aggression against Ukraine.

◾ The International Criminal Court (ICC) yesterday issued arrest warrants against two high-ranking Russian military officers, strategic air force and Black Sea naval commanders for alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

◾ French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday “admitted” to calling for a “strategic upheaval” by raising the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine, warning of a “spirit of defeatism” that “lurks”. Czech Republic in Prague.

◾ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “never asked for foreign troops to fight for his country,” a White House spokesman said yesterday when asked about French President Emmanuel Macron's comments. “There will be no U.S. troops involved in Ukraine. And you know what? President Zelensky didn't ask for that. He asked for equipment and skills. He only asked for troops from foreigners who are always fighting for their country,” National said. Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

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◾ We must “defeat” Russia, not “war” it, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournay said in an interview with LCI last night. “We are experiencing a tipping point, which will lead us to stand up against Russia, and we have to play the balance of power to protect the French and protect the Europeans,” he said: “Our hope is that we will continue to support Ukraine”, which was invaded by Russia on February 24, 2022. A country.

◾ French foreign ministers and their counterparts from the armed forces and other countries aligned with Ukraine will meet by video conference on Thursday, 10 days after discussing steps in Paris to strengthen military support for Q.