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In front of middle and high school students, Javier Mille affirms that abortion is “murder.”


This is the most violent attack against abortion rights in Argentina. In a speech to middle and high school students Wednesday, President Javier Milei said he considers legal abortion in the country “murder” and those who support its legalization “murderers.”

The 53-year-old ultraliberal, who is known to be anti-abortion but has not spoken publicly on the issue since taking office three months ago, was speaking to young people at a Catholic institution in Buenos Aires.

The Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity was abolished

“I warn you, for me abortion is murder (…) and I can prove it from a mathematical, philosophical and liberal perspective,” she said two days before International Women's Rights Day. Women on March 8. He also called those who supported legalization in the country in 2020 “murderers”.

Since taking office, Javier Mille abolished the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity and announced the closure of the National Institute against Discrimination (INAD). The self-described “anarcho-capitalist” has repeatedly expressed his desire to close down companies or organizations he deems “useless.” The government last month banned inclusive language in the military and announced its intention to ban it in the administration as well.

Act effective from January 2021

In a speech to world leaders in Davos in January, Javier Mili attacked “social justice,” “radical feminism” and a “bloody abortion agenda.”

A law on voluntary termination of pregnancy in Argentina was adopted in December 2020 and implemented in January 2021 after a polarizing debate. It provides for the possibility of abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, and when the pregnancy is the result of coercion and the health or life of the pregnant woman is in danger, there is no need to explain the reasons.

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