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Only a two-state solution is possible, EU foreign ministers insist


Israel must accept a two-state solution to end the war and guarantee its security, European foreign ministers urged on Monday (January 22nd), ahead of a separate meeting with their Israeli and Palestinian counterparts. “What we want is a two-state solution. Let's talk about that.”European diplomat Joseph Borrell launched, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed his opposition. “Palestine Sovereignty”. A two-state solution of Palestine and Israel “The Only Solution”, asserted several ministers. In this context, Israel has rejected such a solution “concerning”, assessed the new French Foreign Minister Stéphane Sejournay. Follow our live stream.

Sébastien Lecornu visited Israel. Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu met with families of Hamas hostages on Monday to discuss the situation and risks in the Gaza Strip before meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Galant and several members of the War Cabinet. Increase in region.

Israeli attack on Khan Yunis. During the night from Sunday to Monday, witnesses reported Israeli attacks on Khan Yunis and heavy fighting between soldiers and Hamas fighters. The Israeli military said anti-rocket sirens sounded overnight outside Gaza in northern Israel, near the border with Lebanon.

Hamas presents its “version of the facts” on October 7. Palestinian Islamic Movement recognized that “There may have been errors” In “confusion” provoked “Sudden Collapse of Security and Military Apparatus” On the border between Israel and Gaza. However, he denied targeting the public “Incidentally, and during conflicts with occupying forces”. However, videos show gunmen killing indiscriminately on Israeli soil.

Hostage families plead for peace. Overnight, relatives and supporters of the hostages gathered near Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence in Jerusalem to demand a deal to free them. “We are hearing about a proposal from the United States, Qatar and Egypt. We are asking our government to sit down at the negotiating table and decide whether to accept this agreement or any other agreement that suits Israel,” he said. Son Gilad Korenbloom, who is a hostage in Gaza, said on the spot.

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