June 14, 2024

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Poland will eventually send 2,000 additional troops to its border with Belarus

Poland will eventually send 2,000 additional troops to its border with Belarus

Poland will send 2,000 extra soldiers to help border guards on the Belarusian border. “It will not be a reinforcement of 1,000 soldiers”, Wednesday, August 9, Maciej Wasik, Polish Deputy Minister of the Interior, corrected an announcement on Tuesday. The reinforcements were apparently requested by border guards, who have seen an increasing number of attempts by migrants to cross in recent days. In this case, Poland accuses Russia’s ally Belarus of wanting to destabilize this EU country.

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New drone attack targeting Moscow Russian air defenses shot down two fighter jets headed for the Russian capital, its mayor announced on Wednesday, August 9. One was located “In the Domodedovo region [au sud de la capitale]Second” on the Minsk highway section.West of Moscow, Sergei Sobyan said in a telegram, without specifying the origin of the drones. “Currently, there is no information about the victims” Related to the crash of the downed plane, he added.

Explosion at pyrotechnics warehouse in Russia The incident took place in the factory on Wednesday morning According to the Russian company RIA-Novosti, Sergiev Posat near Moscow. On social networks, pictures of the explosion showed plumes of smoke rising several tens of meters. More than 50 people were injured and surrounding buildings were damaged, local media reported on the explosion, the cause of which was not released.

Ankara puts pressure on Westerners for grain deal Solution for transportation of Ukrainian grain on the Black Sea “depends on the West to fulfill its promises”Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. “I think there will be a solution”, he added, referring to his recent telephone exchange with Vladimir Putin. In the latter, in mid-July, Turkey and the UN refused to extend the agreement that had been guaranteed.

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