June 24, 2024

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Portugal expands use of Health Pass

The government decided on Thursday that Povidukis would now have to present a health pass or a negative corona virus test to stay in a hotel or have access to restaurants in areas most affected by the re-emergence of the Govt-19 epidemic.

“We continue to monitor the worsening of the epidemic.”, Portuguese government spokeswoman Mariana Vieira da Silva says 60 municipalities in the country are now at risk of infection. “Student” Or “very high”, Compared to 45 last week. The night curfew imposed last Friday will continue to be applied in these high-risk areas, mainly concentrated in Lisbon and its environs, followed by the tourist area of ​​Alcarve (south).

But, from now on, restaurant customers will have to present a negative test to access the interior rooms of these companies over the weekend or prove complete vaccination. In the hotel industry, this requirement applies every day and nationwide. At the same time, the government decided over the weekend to lift the travel ban between the Lisbon metropolitan area and the rest of the country, as Ms Vieira de Silva explained, “the delta variation is nationwide.”

According to a report released by the National Institutes of Health (INSA) on Tuesday, the share of variance first identified in India in new cases detected in Portugal has reached nearly 90% since the last week of June. As a result of this variation, the first countries in the EU to experience a new wave of corona virus infection, and the epidemic, Portugal crossed the limit of 3,000 new daily cases on Wednesday and Thursday, which has not happened since the beginning of February.

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