April 17, 2024

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Relatives of the enemy accuse the Russian authorities of “doing everything not to hand over the remains.”

Relatives of the enemy accuse the Russian authorities of “doing everything not to hand over the remains.”

Relatives of Alexei Navalny asked for the remains of the Russian dissident to be handed over to them on Saturday, February 17. “immediately”. “Colony employee [pénitentiaire] He said the body was in Salekhard.”, an arctic town where the prison is located. He would have been taken there “Explorers” Pour “do the research”, opponent spokeswoman Kira Yarmich explained. After a few minutes, she added it “Alexei's lawyer and his mother arrive at the morgue” ewhat“It's closed.” “It is obvious that they are lying and doing everything possible to not hand over the body” she added. On that dayHe blamed Russian investigators “Do everything so as not to procrastinate”. Follow our live stream.

Around a hundred people were arrested in Russia during the rallies. At the very least 101 people were arrested in ten cities. The special NGO OVD-Info said on Saturday during several demonstrations in Russia to pay tribute to adversary Alexei Navalny. Sixty of them were arrested and detained in St. Petersburg and about fifteen in Nizhny Novgorod. In Moscow, about fifteen people were arrested on Saturday afternoon, independent Russian media outlet Sota, which was at the scene, reported.

Beijing refuses to comment on “internal Russian affairs”. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not want to respond to the death of Alexei Navalny. “This is an internal Russian matter. I will not comment on it.”A spokesman for the ministry responded to an AFP journalist's question on Saturday.

Meetings from Europe to America. Protesters chanted as they gathered in Warsaw, Poland, Friday evening “Putin, the Assassin” And “Never Forget, Never Forgive”. Several hundred of them chanted in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin (Germany). “Putin the murderer! Putin in the Hague!”, Or in front of Moscow's permanent representation in Washington (USA).

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Amnesty International has called for an investigation. Agnes Callamard, secretary general of the NGO, called for an independent investigation by Franceinfo. “United Nations”to install “The direct causes of this death”. She hopes it will “Ensure the place of international law, the rights of all [Alexeï Navalny], Anti-Corruption Activists”.