February 29, 2024

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Russia accepts a hegemony against Kiev and the West

Russia accepts a hegemony against Kiev and the West

Before the Secretary-General of the United Nations arrives in Moscow on Tuesday, April 26, the popular newspaper Moskowski Komsomolets At the same time as the living universe of Russia after two months of “special action” against Ukraine, a brief summary of the “one” of the climate of this visit: “Antonio Guterres himself spoiled his visit: the ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ demand is aimed at usurping Russia’s rights.”

Even with limited expectations, Mr. Guterres’ brief stay in Russia would have demonstrated the gap that separates the current situation from substantial negotiations. First received by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the former Portuguese prime minister left for the Russian capital, Kiev, with Russia’s vague promise. “Ready to cooperate”Mr. In Lavrov’s words, the establishment of humanitarian corridors in war-torn areas.

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The same flexibility on the side of Vladimir Putin. By the praise of the Russian President “Advances” During negotiations with kyiv, he often denied that Moscow could have been an obstacle to the evacuation of civilians in Mariupol or elsewhere. “You were disappointed”He began with his speechwriter -, condemned once again “Provocation” In Bautista accused of committing Russian forces “War Crimes”.

The sometimes compromising tone of the Portuguese, who said “Understanding that Russia has many shortcomings”, Would not be sufficient to renew discussions on a possible peace agreement. Sergei Lavrov warned that he “Very soon” To accuse the UN of breach of impartial duty and to look for possible mediators.

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The first observation has long been known: no significant talks will be fruitful until the Battle of Donbass, the main target of the Russian offensive, takes place. The second observation has been clear for days: it is engaged in a cycle of conflict that does not exist now.“Special function” Rather than the name, the Kremlin takes a more and more overt look.

The “real” hypothesis of World War II

On Monday, Mr. Prior to the meeting with Guterres, the same Sergei Lavrov made clear on Russian television the danger of a nuclear conflict with the West. “Serious and real”. On the same day, Vladimir Putin indirectly accused the West of inciting action “Terrorists” On Russian soil. According to the head of the Kremlin, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in conjunction with the Ukrainian secret services, would have overseen plans to assassinate the star TV presenter, which must have been carried out by Russian neo-Nazis.

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