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Russia formalized Vladimir Putin's victory and denies any election fraud


The Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the final results of the presidential election on Thursday, March 21, formalizing Vladimir Putin's landslide victory.“History” This poll denies any fraud without protest.

Mr. who was in power for twenty four years. Putin won 87.28% of the vote, CEC head Ella Pamfilova told a press conference. The participation rate in this election which was held from March 15 to 17 reached 77.49%.

“These are historic elections.”said Mme Pamfilova believes that every voter who voted brought “His Contribution to the Strengthening of Russia”. Appreciated the election campaign “very pure” And “Too Responsible”Ensuring that only CEC is received A total of 459 complaints regarding violations. “It's nothing”She estimated.

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Three other candidates with no scope

During the voting, Mr. Putin faced three non-status candidates, who did not oppose the offensive or crackdown on dissent in Ukraine, and the Kremlin's black beast, Alexeï Navalny, died in prison in mid-February. Boris Nadezhdin, the only opponent who tried to run, had his candidacy rejected.

Following the announcement of the official results, Vladimir Putin addressed the nation in a video broadcast on public television. “Elections show that Russia today is one big united family”He made the country's unity a leitmotif behind his attack on Ukraine. “Together we follow the historical path we have chosen. We are confident about ourselves, our strengths and our future.”The Head of State concluded.

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