June 25, 2024

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Rwanda was charged with ‘war crime’ after the school bombing

Rwanda was charged with ‘war crime’ after the school bombing

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Tensions between Kinshasa and Kigali have not weakened in the wake of the mutual accusations. Rwandan officials accuse FARDC of firing rockets into its territory. This was denied by the Congolese military, which accuses Rwandan forces of backing the M23. He also claims to have videos taken from drones showing the presence of Rwandan soldiers on Congolese soil. These allegations continue. Rwanda has been charged with war crimes after causing damage to a school on Friday at a school in Buhumba, Rutzuru. According to Kinshasa, the school was bombed from Rwandan territory.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient lycopene

The crumbling roof, the crumbling wall, the broken bricks scattered several meters away … Images released by the Congolese army are circulating around the Congo. Two boys, aged 6 and 7, were killed and another was injured in the blast, according to a military statement. The Congolese military also says it has videos taken from drones showing Rwandan troops on Congolese soil.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in a village a few kilometers from the headquarters of Virunga National Park. According to local civil society, the fighting continued until 6pm on Thursday. Uganda And not far away Rwanda.

These conflicts caused the displacement of new people. According to similar sources, thousands of people crossed the Ugandan border, while others spent the night on the road.

Two days ago, a Monusco position was also attacked and three blue helmets were injured. The UN mission does not explicitly blame Rwanda, but points the finger at M23.

For its part, the Rwandan military denies all of these allegations and fired two rockets from the Punagana area in the DRC and reached Nyabigoma in the Musanze district without any damage.

The Congolese military, in turn, denies the allegations Rwanda is also accused of supporting the M23.

Call for reduction of expansion between Kinshasa and Kigali

However, parts of Nyaragongo and Rudshuru in the eastern part of the DRC experienced a moderate recession on Saturday 11th. Meanwhile, calls for expansion are on the rise, and international organizations and Western nations are becoming more involved.

Until very recently, international organizations and the international community did not dare to refer to Rwanda as a party to the crisis. All or almost all of them satisfied themselves with condemning the M23 and putting the movement down its arms. Some other actors were distinguished by calls for conversation between them, without mentioning their names.

But in recent days, the tone is starting to change. UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region Huang Xiao visited the DRC and Rwanda. For his part, Angolan President Joao Lurenko, the AU ambassador, was involved: thanks to his mediation, Kinshasa released two Rwandan soldiers arrested by the Congolese army.

Kigali, for its part, released a politician who was a member of the majority of the Congolese president arrested in Kisheni, Rwanda.

A Dead-a-Dead Between Kagame and the CCD under the UN?

Joao Lourenco now hopes to have a face-to-face meeting between Paul Kagame and Felix Shisekedi. On Saturday, the UN recognized the involvement of foreign actors in the crisis. Strong link with the DRC’s regional integration He also condemned the use of armed groups operating through proxies.

On the US side, the US State Department’s Office for African Affairs issued a warning about reports of cross – border attacks between the DRC and Rwanda, before calling on both countries to be responsible and constructive leaders.

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