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Scholz paves the way for continuous operation of nuclear power plants


Germany’s planned phase-out of nuclear power later this year could be postponed. Olaf Scholes felt he could on Wednesday 3 August “To be relevant” The last three nuclear power plants in operation in Germany are to be extended the operational life, partially deprived of gas from Russia and fearing an energy crisis.

These plants “Used only for power generation and only for a small part of it”But “It might be more appropriate.”The German chancellor said.

The lack of Russian gas supplies to Germany has put the question of keeping the last power plants operating longer than planned to deal with the gas crisis back on the agenda. Berlin should decide in the coming weeks on the possible expansion of these plants based on the new expertise.

The results are once “Stress Test” is known “Then we will make our decisions”The president visited the site of industrialist Siemens Energy in Mülheim an der Ruhr (West), where a gas turbine is being repaired and is waiting to be transported to Russia, intended to equip a Russian gas pipeline to Europe.

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The government coalition split

Three nuclear power plants are still in operation – in Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg – currently accounting for 6% of net electricity generation in Germany. The question of their extension is dividing the governing coalition, with the Greens skeptical, supported by the hitherto marginalized Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats and the FDP’s liberals. It was demanded by the opposition conservative union CDU-CSU.

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Mr. Sholes reasoned. He is one “It’s very different from region to region in Germany.”he said. “This is particularly true in Bavaria, which has progressed slowly with the expansion of wind energy”He launched into a spade in addressing this region, historically led by conservatives and a big energy consumer.

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“We will support all parts of Germany as much as we can” For power supply “of all citizens and all institutions in Germany”Mr. Scholz promised.

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