May 28, 2024

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Supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah prepare for Wednesday’s demonstration

Supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah prepare for Wednesday’s demonstration

Protesters have already gathered in front of the French Embassy in Tunis this Tuesday evening. The demonstrations will take place on the day Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Israel and the day after a strike at a hospital in Gaza.

The highest alert is Wednesday, the day Joe Biden is expected to visit Israel. Lebanese Hezbollah today Tuesday evening a “Day of Wrath», and the former leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, called for demonstrations in front of Israeli embassies around the world in a press release from the Islamic organization.

Ce «Day of Wrath» Actually the second: the former Hamas leader had already called for such a day last Friday. This resulted in large-scale protests in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, where American and Israeli flags were burned… and a terrorist attack in France.

Hospital strike

The call came hours after a violent airstrike hit a hospital in Gaza City. At least 200 deaths have been counted, according to Hamas, which accuses Israel of abuses. “Tomorrow, Wednesday, may be a day of anger towards the enemy“, condemned Hezbollah in a press release.”Massacre” and one “Heinous crime».

Hospital strike victim in Gaza. REUTERS TV / REUTERS

For its part, the IDF suspects the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. “Islamic Jihad is responsible for the rocket attack that hit the hospital, according to information we received from intelligence based on multiple sources.“, the Israeli military confirmed in a press release. During the shooting, “A barrage of rockets were fired by the terrorists who went too close to Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza.“, according to the military, says one of them fell on the establishment. “Let the whole world know: Barbaric terrorists in Gaza attacked hospital in Gaza, not Israeli army“, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to his role, according to a press release from his office. “Those who brutally kill our children are killing their own children».

Despite these statements, the region quickly condemned Israel. Jordan was presented as “responsible for this extreme event“has”occupying force“. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi blamed Israel for the bombing.A clear violation of international law“.Qatar condemned him.”Massacre“. Without pointing the finger at Israel, European Council President Charles Michel said a “Attack on civilian infrastructure» does not comply withInternational Law» and France strongly condemned the strike.

Demonstrations since Tuesday evening

As if preparing the ground for this”Day of Wrath», the demonstrations started on Tuesday evening. Dozens of protesters tried to enter the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan. Demonstrators marched past the security barricade towards the embassy compound. Security forces fired tear gas shells to disperse them.

In Amman, Jordan. Musa Hutter/AFP

Further west, in Tunisia, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the French embassy in Tunis to protest the hospital shooting. They demanded the dismissal of the ambassadors of France and the United States. “The French and the Americans were allies of the Zionists», chanted angry demonstrators in front of the headquarters of the French embassy in the center of Tunis. “It is a duty to remove the ambassador“,”There is no US Embassy in Tunisia» shouted, surrounded by police. Demonstrators, including opposition figures and civil society representatives and lawyers, also chanted slogans hostile to French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to Reuters, tear gas was fired to disperse a crowd of angry people near the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

In the occupied West Bank, the situation is worse. Demonstrators took to the streets of Ramallah, demandingThe Fall of the President» Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. Further north in Nablus, Palestinians protested waving Hamas flags, an AFP reporter noted. President Abbas assessed on Sunday, according to reports from the official Wafa news agency, “Hamas policies and actions do not represent the Palestinian people», about the bloody attack on Israeli soil by commandos of the Islamic Movement on October 7. This sentence was deleted in the new version published by the agency. On Tuesday evening, President Abbas announced a “Massacre» And three days of mourning were observed in the Palestinian territories after the hospital strike.

Despite continuing tensions, Joe Biden looks set to travel to Israel on Tuesday, where he looks forward to Wednesday. Jordan has already canceled a trilateral summit with the US president.

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