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Tel Aviv warns “don't look for us” during Ramadan


Update on the situation – In a video message, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant recalled the Hebrew state's respect for “freedom to pray” but declared it was “ready” to respond to any provocation.

Israel declares that it stands “ready” In spite of Ramadan, we have to react when overflowing. The Gaza Strip, gripped by a severe humanitarian crisis and under fire from an Israeli offensive against Hamas, is unlikely to reach a ceasefire at the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on Monday. Le Figaro Make the point.

“Don't Look For Us”: Israel warns against excesses during Ramadan

Israel “Respect” Freedom to pray, but must “ready” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said in a video message that Israel will respond to any provocation or excesses during the month of Ramadan, which began on Monday. “The State of Israel respects freedom of prayer at al-Aqsa (Islam's third holiest site located in East Jerusalem, a part of the city occupied by Israel since 1967, editor's note) and all holy sites”Yves Gallant made the promise in this message posted on his Telegram channel.

Further “Ramadan can also be the month of Jihad, we say to everyone: do not seek us. We are ready, do not make mistakes”, warned that. The warning comes amid the increasingly tense atmosphere of the war in Gaza, which has raised fears of clashes in Jerusalem's Old City.

The Esplanade des Mosques (or Temple Mount for Jews) is the third holiest site in Islam and the holiest site in Judaism. While the Muslim holy site is administered by Jordan, Israel imposes restrictions there, particularly on the number of worshipers or their age. The Israeli government announced last week that Muslim worshipers would be allowed to pray there “The same number as in previous years”.

For Ramadan, UN “Silence the Guns” In Gaza

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made the call on Monday “Silence the Guns” Free the hostages in Gaza “In Honor of the Spirit of Ramadan” Just started. “Today marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, a period when Muslims around the world celebrate and spread the values ​​of peace, harmony and unity. But even as Ramadan begins, deaths, bombings and massacres continue in Gaza.He lamented to reporters.

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“My urgent plea today is to honor the spirit of Ramadan by silencing the guns and removing all obstacles so that life-saving humanitarian aid can be delivered quickly and on a massive scale as needed.”he added. “At the same time, and in the spirit of the mercy of Ramadan, I request the immediate release of all hostages.”. “The eyes of the world are watching us. History is watching us. We can't look away.”Antonio Gutierrez insisted.

UN The Secretary-General also warned of the possibility of an Israeli ground attack on Rafah “Plunging Gaza's Population Deeper into the Circles of Hell”. He also repeated his call launched last week for a ceasefire in Sudan for the holy month of Ramadan. “For the benefit of people suffering from hunger, horror and inexplicable temptation”. “In Gaza, Sudan, and beyond, the time for peace has come. I call upon political, religious and social leaders everywhere to do all they can to ensure that this sacred time is a time of empathy, action and peace..

People are waiting for food

The people of the region, who are starving, are longing for food. A ship carrying 200 tonnes of food was scheduled to leave Cyprus for the Palestinian territories on Sunday, operated by the Spanish NGO Open Arms, but its departure has not been confirmed. On Sunday, residents flocked to the beach in southern Gaza City hoping to catch a glimpse of his arrival. “I've been waiting since this morning.”Because it's Monday “The holy month of Ramadan begins, the situation is sad”One of them, Mohammed Harrara, told AFP.

Jordan, the United States, France, Belgium and Egypt took part in fresh humanitarian aid drops in Gaza on Sunday. But the warning UN “Widespread famine is almost inevitable” In Gaza, airdrops and seaborne aid deliveries ensure that the land route cannot be replaced.

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Still no agreement

Despite fresh talks in Cairo in early March, the mediators – the United States, Qatar and Egypt – failed to reach agreement on a ceasefire before the start of Ramadan on Monday. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh vowed on Sunday that the Islamist movement would survive “Open to negotiations”. However, a source close to the talks told AFP on Sunday “Diplomatic efforts to be stepped up in next 10 days” In order to try to get an agreement in the first half of Ramadan.

Hamas is particularly demanding a firm cease-fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops ahead of any agreement on the release of hostages still in Gaza. Israel is demanding that Hamas provide an accurate list of hostages still alive, but the Palestinian movement says it does not know who they are. “Dead or Alive” Among them.

The US fears that the situation could develop “Very Dangerous” Especially in East Jerusalem, home to the Esplanade des Mosques, Islam's third holiest site, if fighting continues during Ramadan.

A call to peace for the start of the month of Ramadan

In Washington, President Joe Biden, who has come under growing criticism in the United States for his support of Israel in the face of mounting civilian deaths in Gaza, sent a message of unity for the start of Ramadan. “This year, it comes at a time of great pain.”The President of the United States announced. “As Muslims around the world break their fast in the coming days and weeks, the suffering of the Palestinian people will be front and center for many. She is for me”Joe Biden added.

As the guardian of Islam's two holiest sites, Saudi Arabia's King Salman has urged the international community to act. “We call on the international community to take up its responsibilities to put an end to these heinous crimes and ensure the establishment of safe humanitarian and aid corridors.”He said in a message on the occasion of the beginning of Ramzan.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent for his part “Special message of solidarity and support to all victims of horrific atrocities in Gaza”. “In these difficult times, the spirit of Ramadan is a beacon of hope, a reminder of our common humanity”He said in a video on social media

Explosion near ship in Yemen Sea

Britain's maritime safety agency UKMTO said an explosion was heard near a coastal ship near Yemen's Red Sea on Monday, saying the boat and its crew were safe. the ship “An explosion was reported nearby.” UKMTO said members of the US-led multinational coalition were investigating in December to protect maritime transport from attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels, southwest of the Yemeni port of Salib.

British maritime security firm Ambre, for its part, said that 'Aware of missile incident in West' from the port city of Hodeidah, but did not provide further details. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Extreme strikes on Sunday, major humanitarian crisis

On Sunday, Hamas officials calculated that 85 people were killed in 24 hours in more than 60 strikes that hit central and southern Gaza, including the city of Khan Younes. On the same day, Benjamin Netanyahu supported the continuation of the offensive on Gaza, despite open criticism from his American ally. Joe Biden said Saturday on MSNBC that the Israeli prime minister “Israel has done more harm than good” .

President Biden “A Cruelty”Benjamin Netanyahu responded in an interview with the newspaper on Sunday Politics. He said he follows a policy “Supported by the Majority of Israelis” And his comrades support the outright rejection of a Palestinian state.