Sunday, July 21, 2024

Tesla is giving new owners in the UK a grab stick after they are forced to drive left-handed


Tesla has started offering its new Model S and Model X cars in the UK with a grab stick after forcing buyers to buy left-hand drive cars.

Last month, we were surprised to see Tesla announce that it was discontinuing production of the new Model S and Model X cars in right-hand drive configurations.

The automaker decided to stop selling Model S and Model X cars altogether in some smaller left-hand drive markets, such as Australia, Singapore and Thailand, and began offering right-hand drive cars in larger markets, such as in the United Kingdom.

This upset many buyers who saw their orders cancelled. Some of them had been waiting for years since the Model S and Model X refresh was announced to get the new vehicles. They were waiting to get their hands on the latest high-performance Tesla Plaid.

Now, Tesla buyers in the UK who decide to continue their purchase despite the change to left-hand drive have found that it comes with a gift called “The Reacher”:

Reacher is a grab stick intended for drivers to reach into the passenger window, supposedly to take things like parking receipts and drive-thru items (via Andrew Goodlad And Tony Watts):

That’s very funny. Tesla cancels your order and forces you to buy a left-hand drive car if you still want a Model S or Model X, but hey, at least you get a tug stick, so it’s basically the same thing. right?

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