June 12, 2024

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The cease-fire officially began;  The first humanitarian aid trucks from Egypt entered Gaza

The cease-fire officially began; The first humanitarian aid trucks from Egypt entered Gaza

Cover Image: Trucks carrying humanitarian aid enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing with Egypt, hours after a four-day ceasefire began in fighting between Israel and Palestinian Hamas militants on November 24, 2023. KHATIB/AFP said

  • A ceasefire in the fighting between Israel and Hamas came into effect on Friday, November 24 at 7am local time (6am Paris time), with the first 13 hostages, women and children, to be released in the afternoon.. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday “First List of Names” Stay in touch with hostages and their families.
  • An agreement reached Wednesday between the Israeli government and the Islamist group provides for the exchange of fifty women and children held by Hamas. Against Palestinian prisoners, as well“A Peace in the Fight” for four days.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sissi and US President Joe Biden welcomed the agreement.. This is “A humanitarian ceasefire should make it possible to negotiate the terms of the ceasefire” It should be “As stable as possible”, French President Emmanuel Macron appealed. The UN spoke “doesn’t matter” But felt it “Much to Do”.
  • Returning from Gaza, Philippe Lazzarini, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, reiterated his call. “Long Term Humanitarian Ceasefire”. “Since my first visit two weeks ago, the humanitarian situation has already deteriorated significantly. The journey continues” M. Lazzarini says In a press releaseUN in the Gaza Strip A million people are housed in the agency’s premises.
  • French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna declined to say whether any French nationals were among the hostages. Hamas has promised release. The diplomatic chief declared “Hopefully there will be [ait] Among the French people [eux]» ; “We are working on it, and tomorrow I hope to be able to tell you: “Yes, there were French people””.
  • The Hamas government announced on Wednesday that 14,854 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardment of Gaza since the war began. The Hamas government says 6,150 of the reported deaths to date are children. Also, 36,000 people were injured, the same source said.
  • A humanitarian pause will allow an entry “Large number of humanitarian and aid convoys including fuel”Underlined by Qatar. About 200 to 300 humanitarian aid trucks will enter the enclaveIncluding eight containing fuel and gas, said Hamas executive, Taher Al-Nounou.
  • The war also raises fears of regional expansion, particularly involving Lebanon’s Hezbollah in Israel’s north and Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the south. The son of Mohammed Rath, the leader of the Hezbollah group in Lebanon’s parliament, and four militants were killed in an Israeli bombardment in southern Lebanon on Wednesday, the Hamas-affiliated Shiite movement announced. Abbas Rath “A Martyr Fell on the Road to Jerusalem”Hezbollah wrote in a statement.
  • US intercepts drones launched from Yemen A US warship patrolling the Red Sea on Thursday shot down attack drones launched from Houthi rebel-held Yemen, the US military’s Middle East command said.
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