February 24, 2024

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The first F-16 fighter jets have reportedly arrived in Ukraine

The first F-16 fighter jets have reportedly arrived in Ukraine

In Ukraine, in all likelihood, the first F-16 fighter jets landed somewhere on the territory of a belligerent country. This is suggested by images circulating since Monday, December 25, which show a US fighter jet repainted in the colors of the Kiev Air Force. While awaiting effective entry into service in 2024, the Ukrainians are redoubling their efforts to challenge the Russians for control of the skies.

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With our correspondent in Kyiv, Stephen Sioghan

It is believed that Santa's sleigh avoided the Black Sea sector and the Donbas sector on the night of December 24-25 because of Kiev's anti-aircraft defenses during the Ukrainian Christmas holidays. Shot down two Russian Sukhoi fighter jetsOne SU-34 and SU-30, two cruise missiles and no less than 28 Shahed drones.

« Something is happening, Santa Claus may have already brought us an F-16 », rejoices the well-known Ukrainian security journalist on Facebook.

It's not quite right: on Monday afternoon, the first images of the American F-16 fighter jet appeared on social networks, anthracite in color, this time showing the trident and Ukrainian blue and yellow trim.

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According to several sources, the first flights will be discreetly transported from airport to airport through the west of the country. According to our information, it is not possible to interview fighter pilots in Ukraine, because most of them are in intensive training in Europe.

The Russian military claims to have already shot down some F-16s over Ukraine, although no evidence has been provided for their assertion, but the battle for control of the skies over land, sea, and trenches will begin very soon.

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