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The future you dreamed of debut trailer


■ about

Watch out for the inhabitant of this apartment as spirit Zashiki Warashi and lead her to a bright future!

Is Sachi Usui in your future?

Play as Zashiki-Warashi, the spirit of the house who can bring good luck, and learn about the life of Sachi (even though she can’t see you). You will see some of her most vulnerable moments and you will have no choice but to step in from time to time, but all this is to steer her towards a bright future!

Give her guidance while she’s at home and help her develop her standards in various ways. Your orientation will ultimately determine the future you’re heading to. There are 20 total paths waiting for Sachi, and it’s up to you to help her find them!

■ story

The economy is in a slump, the job market is a fruitless tundra, and Sashi Usui is a college student in the midst of it all.

It’s almost time to take the next step as an adult by looking for work, but she’s spending her lazy days unsure of what she’ll become. However, she was suddenly told that the existing building would be demolished and she would be forced to look for something new.

Sachi’s search leads her to an old residence that has recently been renovated and has no special qualities other than… “Resident Deity”?!

The apartment looks suspicious, but she moves anyway in hopes of taking advantage of the resident deity’s power.

Will her new home lead Zashiki Warashi Sachi Usui from a monotonous college life to the future she’s always dreamed of?!

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■ character

Sachi Usui (Voiced by Yuki Takada)

  • Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99.2 lb)
  • B: 85 cm (33.4 in, size D)
  • W: 57 cm (22.4 in)
  • h: 84 cm (33″)

A college student is unsure of which path to take in the future.

Her previous apartment will be demolished, so she temporarily moves into a room supervised by intern Zashiki Warashi.

She is average in everything imaginable, and a quiet optimist. Despite her generally terrible luck, her personality and future outlook are bright and positive.

■ system

Find useful items and draw Sachi with the sound of your bell!

Sachi Usui’s room is full of items that can change her parameters. Look for them and ring your bell to attract Sachi to them. When you use this item, you will experience some kind of change! The items available for use change by class, so research carefully each time. Her standards will eventually open the way to her future!

  • Look carefully throughout the Sachi room for special items! If you use it, it can lower or raise certain parameters.
    • Saachi relaxes with an electric massager!
    • Reading makes it smarter!
    • Taking care of yourself is essential to a bright and hopeful future!
    • Saatchi takes a look through the fridge – after all, you can’t fight for what you want on an empty stomach!

Sometimes Sachi will lower her guard.

Sashi Usui, the resident of this apartment, cannot see the player. This gives you a chance to see how she lives her daily life at home, as well as get glimpses of her life unattended as well as in some of the more dangerous situations.

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There is a time limit for each class, so don’t just sit and stare – make sure you focus on finding the items you need to improve yourself! I understood you?!

For some reason, her clothes, hairstyle, and underwear can be changed to your liking!

Reach certain goals to unlock possibilities for new hairstyles and outfits! The clothes won’t affect her standards, so dress her up with your favorite look!

  • Suit + Hair Bun
  • Oversized shirt + hair tie
  • Sexy jacket + side ponytail

There are 20 total endings, each based on the final Sachi criteria. Can you lead her towards the future she was dreaming of?

Watch the trailer below.

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