April 21, 2024

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The government grants the National Liberation Army the status of a “rebellious armed political organization”.

The government grants the National Liberation Army the status of a “rebellious armed political organization”.

This should be taken as a gesture to allow progress in the field of peace negotiations: the Colombian government granted the National Liberation Army (ELN) the status of “insurgent armed political organization”, a condition said to be essential to distinguish itself from the guerrillas. From other armed groups, such as drug traffickers, President Gustavo Pedro is also trying to come to an end. “Complete Silence”.

The ELN, which threatened to end all negotiations if this status was not granted, was praised on Twitter. “Agreement on issues that cannot clearly and definitively develop this peace process: the legitimacy of the ELN as an insurgent armed political organization”..

Delegates also agreed to set up a communication channel to operate during the suspension of talks, the last round of which was held in Mexico City on February 13, with Chile, Venezuela, Norway, Mexico and Brazil guaranteed, as well as a bilateral ceasefire on the agenda.

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A cease-fire was refused

The National Liberation Army (inspired by the Queerists), the last formed guerrilla still active in the country, resumed talks with the government in November 2022 after a four-year hiatus.

President Pedro, a former guerrilla of the M-19 movement, ordered 1R A cease-fire was reached in January with five armed groups, including the ELN, which quickly rejected the presidential announcement. By the end of January, however, the Colombian military had killed nine guerrilla members.

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As the first left-wing president in Colombia’s history, Mr. Pedro, “Complete Silence” With numerous armed groups operating in the country, they are often involved in drug trafficking.

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