June 19, 2024

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The interim government says it has foiled the coup attempt

The interim government says it has foiled the coup attempt

Burkinabe’s interim government announced in a press release that a coup attempt had been thwarted on Wednesday evening. A government spokesperson said that many people involved in this attempt have been arrested and they are actively looking for others.

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Burkina Faso’s military junta, in power since last year, announced Wednesday evening that it had foiled a coup attempt by members of the security forces and intelligence services. In a statement, he said several officers had been arrested and were looking for other suspects linked to the riot. Without further details at this point.

Demonstration in support of military rule

Persistent rumors about the destabilization of Captain Ibrahim Drare’s regime took the form of a night of demonstrations in Ouagadougou on Tuesday evening in support of Captain Ibrahim Drare. Thousands of supporters of the Junta leader occupied several points in the capital. Social networks sent out calls for demonstrations from early evening, until about 8 p.m. Accounts by supporters of Commander Ibrahim Traore, who normally act as a sounding board for the junta’s communications, released messages indicating an imminent coup attempt. They have called for people to take to the streets and fight to defeat this initiative.

In the evening, more people gathered at the United Nations Square in the center of Ouagadougou. Crowds also occupied key intersections in the capital, such as the Place de la Nation and the Transition roundabout, by setting up roadblocks to control vehicles.

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A military order is not always respected

The rally comes a day after newspaper distribution was banned Young Africa By Intermediate Authorities. The media published two articles. On the evening of September 20, the mood in different army camps fluctuated » As well as tensions within the military. According to Young AfricaAs the first anniversary of his acquisition approaches on October 2, Captain Traore fears an abdication attempt.

According to several sources, the army’s morale follows the death of Second Lieutenant Janga Maumoni Trare, who was killed in action near Bobo-Diolaso. Along with the Homeland Security Volunteers, this former member of the Army’s respected special forces went to defend his village under attack by jihadists, against the advice of his superiors, who refused to provide him with the equipment he needed. . Families of soldiers killed in the war complain of poor preservation of bodies before burial and the slowness of funerals, now confined to the Sankole Lamisana camp in Ouagadougou.

There has been distrust in the military for some time. Whether proven or not, reports of a coup attempt are on the rise. In a year, at least two conspiracy files have been heard by a military judge. Our sources are a “ Capitalization of the military », the chain of command is not always respected. For example, the decision to send a team to Niger in case of an attack as the influence of jihadists expands in the country was not vetted by the public servants’ reflection committee. In the war against terrorism and against the regime against the regime, there are more and more voices of criticism in the country.

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