May 26, 2024

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These are some of the most extreme travel experiences in the world

These are some of the most extreme travel experiences in the world

Thrill-seekers criss-cross the planet in search of extreme experiences in hostile places – sometimes putting themselves in danger. website Travel tomorrow We have compiled a list of the most extreme travel experiences for adventurers who want to push their limits.

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Voyages into the world’s deepest ocean trench

Man has explored space more than the depths of the ocean. Explained by the world In one article, nearly 75% of the deepest zones remain unexplored.

The recent accident of a submarine set out to investigate the wreck of the Titanic reminded us how dangerous the ocean floor can be under certain conditions. In very deep water, the human body cannot withstand the immense pressure. A Cité de la Mer (Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Cherbourg) document states that water pressure rises by 1 bar (unit of measurement) every 10 meters.

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In pictures, in pictures Travel experiences that must be done at least once

For 20 years, the company EYOS Some adventurers were allowed to explore the wreck of the Titanic and penetrate the world’s deepest ocean known as the Mariana Trench through scientific exploration. Located in the Pacific, the point is called the maximum depth Challenger Deep, at the southern end of the Mariana Trench, 11,000 meters. At this point, the pressure is a thousand times greater than at the surface of the ocean.

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Step into the crevasses of Antarctica

Media specializing in tourism add to the list of trips to Antarctica, the seventh continent of our planet. In fact, Travel Tomorrow indicates that some companies allow people to live with less caution in this immense polar desert, where temperatures can reach -80 degrees Celsius.

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In fact, measures to increase heart rate have not decreased. Helicopters drop passengers at the summit and then pick them up. It is possible to climb glaciers, descend crevasses or even marvel at glaciers in a kayak.

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Travel to the International Space Station

While space is the stuff of many people’s dreams, few civilians have had the opportunity to spend a few days aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Travel Tomorrow explains. Besides the 230 astronauts, seven non-professional citizens were able to contemplate the blue planet from the ISS thanks to programs organized by Space Adventures and the Soyuz spacecraft.

Despite these adventures, which will undoubtedly be anchored in the memory of some space adventurers, there are no consequences of a trip to space. These effects on the human body have been studied for many years. For example, ionizing radiation mutates and alters the structure of human DNA.

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In 2019, NASA conducted scientific experiments on twins. One went into space and the other stayed on Earth. The test results showed Scott’s cognitive abilities – as he had been in space – when he returned. Despite the long list of side effects of staying in space, most of them gradually disappear once you set foot on Earth.

Cycling the Death Road in Bolivia

At your risk! In Bolivia, there is the “Road of Death”, also known as the Yungas Road. It is a road surrounded by ditches three meters wide and 600 meters deep. Plus, thrill seekers will appreciate the descent that emphasizes the danger this road represents – or not.

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website Evanios Mentions that frequent fog makes the 64 km route very difficult. Finally, you should know that every year, 25 people lose their lives on this extreme path.

Descend into the world’s most dangerous Grubera cave

Krubera Cave in Abkhazia — an independent state in the Caucasus partially recognized and occupied by Russia — was formed by the wear and tear of limestone under the action of water over thousands of years, Travel Tomorrow reported. This place, full of stalactites and stalagmites, has not been fully explored and is considered a “dangerous low pressure” area.

As the tourist information site points out, it is necessary to bring suitable equipment such as a breathing apparatus to enter the cave. The cave is very dangerous. To “spice up” the experience, encounters with spiders or scorpions cannot be ruled out!

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