April 19, 2024

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The Mystery of Kim Jong-un’s Foldable Cell Phone

The Mystery of Kim Jong-un’s Foldable Cell Phone

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. STR / AFP

The photos show the North Korean leader holding a mobile phone as Pyongyang cannot import or export electronic equipment due to economic sanctions.

Although North Korea supervised the launch of a new ballistic missile this week, it was the subject of speculation on Thursday. Photos published by North Korea’s official newspaper Rodong Chinmun, Show the North Korean leader overseeing the launch of a new long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. In front of him, sitting on the table with a blue can, was a foldable phone.

A device introduced secretly from China?

The silver phone slips into a black leather case, similar to the South Korean Samsung Galaxy Z Flip model or Chinese manufacturer Huawei’s Pocket S. There has been so much talk because North Korea cannot import or export electronic equipment under international sanctions.

Kim Jong-un’s Mysterious Phone via KCNA/REUTERS

These photos have sparked many comments and speculations about the origin of this smartphone and its arrival in North Korea. “If the object in the photo is a foldable smartphone, it could have been secretly smuggled from China to North Korea.”A South Korean newspaper writes Jungkook Ilbo.

The North Korean leader’s penchant for electronic gadgets is nothing new. He is often photographed with American Apple products including MacBook computers and iPad tablets. According to data provided by the CIA, while only 19% of the North Korean population has access to mobile phones, the country has a privilege.

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