May 29, 2024

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Joe Biden wants to increase the number of American reserves in Europe

Joe Biden wants to increase the number of American reserves in Europe

Joe Biden, who wants to strengthen America’s presence in Europe as part of the “Atlantic Resolve” operation, has announced that up to 3,000 American reserves may be stationed on the old continent.

More US Army Reserves in Europe? More than 500 days after the war in Ukraine began, it was Joe Biden’s decision on Thursday to strengthen NATO on the old continent.

“I consider it necessary to increase the presence of the armed forces of the United States in order to properly conduct the Atlantic Resolve operation”, The US president writes in a document released by the White House website.

The operation, carried out by Washington and its allies since 2014, “allows us to test the mechanisms of coordination and military mobility between European countries”, explained the general staff of the army when a US ship docked in La Port in 2020. Rochelle.

The order, signed by Joe Biden, could mobilize up to 3,000 reservists. When they will be stationed in Europe, or where precisely, is not specified. bottom line Politics.

Thousands of American soldiers on the old continent

This is not the first time Washington has sent troops to the old continent since the war in Ukraine began. Up to 8,500 troops were already in Europe to reinforce NATO before the conflict between Moscow and Kiev began.

Politics After the start of the war, 20,000 additional soldiers were sent to various countries in Europe.

During his trip to Finland this Thursday, US President Joe Biden also reaffirmed his support for Ukraine, after meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

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“I hope that Ukraine will make meaningful progress on its offensive and that will lead to a negotiated settlement at some point, and that is my expectation,” the White House tenant said.

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