May 27, 2024

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The Netherlands accuses Russian planes of “harassing” one of its warships in the Black Sea

The Netherlands has blamed Russian warplanes on Tuesday.DangerousAgainst a Dutch warship in the Black Sea last week.

The incident on Thursday was reported by the warship HNLMS Evertson, Part of the British destroyer HMS Carrier Strike Group Defender. The ship was subjected to Russian warning shots for violating its territorial waters from the annexed Crimea on Wednesday, according to Moscow. According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Russian planes “Are constantly persecutedFive-hour warship while in southeastern Crimea.

Flights “Were flying dangerously low and close“The ministry said in a statement”Called bombs and surface-to-air missiles. «After several hours of intimidation, disruptions to Evertson’s electronic devices were also recordedMinistry added.

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schwartz condemned the actions. “Irresponsible“, And confirm that the Netherlands”Russia will open up. «Evertson has every right to travel there. Nothing justifies this type of aggression, which unnecessarily increases the risk of an accidentSaid. Moscow did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday. The last incident in the Black Sea dates back to the day before it was desecrated by the Netherlands.

«Shooting warning shots»

According to Russia, the British destroys HMS Defender Entered the waters from Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Moscow on Wednesday in 2014. “There was a warning that weapons would be used if Russia crossed the border“. British Ship ‘Did not respond to the warning“According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a”Border Patrol Shipஇருந்தது was RussianShooting warning shots“A Su-24M aircraft made a journey”Precautionary bombardment in the path of the destroyer“London has refused.”Shooting exercises“Russian and”An innocent route through the Ukrainian regional sea“In this context of tensions, Ukraine and the United States have launched joint military exercises in the Black Sea as part of Western cooperation with Kiev.

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