April 18, 2024

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The administrator was concerned about the delta variant and the vaccine recession in France

Anxiety fades in executive positions: Covit-19 is not dead. Only weakened. Ever since the deconstruction began in early May, Emmanuel Macron has wanted to forget the epidemic “Turn the page on this moment in the life of the nation” And Restart the reform package before the 2022 presidential election.

But the progress of the delta diversity in most parts of the world, including France, casts a shadow over the head of state’s confidence. As in 2020, if the fourth wave hits at the beginning of the school year, what to do after believing that a summer space will return to normal life? “This is an opportunity”, Warns government heavyweight. The recession does not clarify the perspective of the vaccine campaign. “Health crisis is not over”, On Tuesday, June 29, before the end of measurements in shops and restaurants, warned Prime Minister Jean Costex.

Véran: “Humility and Awareness”

For now, the effects of the delta variant can be read more overseas. Russia is breaking death records. The UK delayed the final phase of restructuring, Like some countries in Asia. Australia, for its part, is once again covering a portion of its population at home.

In France, this variant, “Very contagious”, Oliver Warren, according to the Secretary of Health, is making progress Refers to 20% of new cases now diagnosed. However, this has not yet increased the number of patients. The latter has been declining since April, with an average of less than 2,000 positive cases being recorded each day. However, the British example calls for a re-emergence of the epidemic despite comprehensive vaccine protection “For Humility and Awareness”, Mr. Warren, on Tuesday, agreed with the French information.

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Like the price of the euro or the price of a barrel of oil, the concern contributed to the unraveling of European stock markets on Monday. “There is a health risk, Warned Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre on the CNN channel. The only obstacle to very strong growth in 2021 and the return to total normalcy at the beginning of 2022 is the risk of variance. ” As a result, Percy’s boss appealed to the public: “Get vaccinated! It depends on our collective health care. “

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One in two French people has, so far, received the first injection or 33.5 million people. The government has set a target of reaching 40 million by the end of the summer. But the campaign is dangerously weak, and the number of first injections has been declining for weeks.

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