May 23, 2024

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The new Oscar rules require a wider cinema to operate

The new Oscar rules require a wider cinema to operate


The Academy’s Board of Governors has approved new requirements for Oscar eligibility in the Best Picture category. The new rules will begin with the broadcast of the 97th Academy Awards in early 2025, and will apply to films released in 2024.

Currently, a film can qualify for a Best Picture nomination upon completion of its initial qualifying round — currently defined as a one-week theatrical release in one of the six eligible US cities.

The New Rules will see the required expansion of the theatrical footprint with another week’s release in a large portion of the major markets. It seems that the days of showing a movie for a week in some small city cinema are over.

Film must meet the following additional theatrical criteria to receive Best Picture:

It must have an extended theatrical run for seven days, consecutive or non-consecutive, in ten of the fifty largest markets in the United States and no later than 45 days after its initial release in 2024.

– For late-year films with expansions after January 10th of the following year, distributors must submit release plans to the Academy for verification.

Release plans for late-year films must include a planned extended theatrical run, as described above, to be completed no later than January 24.

Releases outside the US can be counted in two of the ten markets. Eligible non-US markets include the top fifteen international theatrical markets as well as the film’s home region.

Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang said in a joint statement:

“As we do each year, we review and assess our theatrical eligibility requirements for the Academy Awards. In support of our mission to celebrate and honor the arts and sciences of filmmaking, we hope this expanded theatrical footprint will increase film exposure around the world and encourage audiences to experience our art in a theatrical setting. Adding to our many conversations with industry partners, we feel this development benefits film artists and film fans alike.”

Eligibility for achievements in various other categories will not be affected by this requirement.

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