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The opposition is hunting for the rigged Russian elections – Politico


“Organizing any public protests in Russia is impossible. They immediately became a pretext for arrest,” Fyodor Krasheninnikov, an independent Russian political analyst, told Politico. “That’s why people enthusiastically participate in events that, although they are not official protests, However, they are actually acts of protest. Therefore, “Noon Against Putin” should be viewed as an act of protest.”

In many ways, the campaign is an ingenious plan. Voters still go to the polls, and this is one of the very few political rights still available to Russians, as Putin, at least in theory, also needs people to cast their votes for him. Once protesters reach the voting booths, they can vote for another candidate or spoil their ballot.

On Thursday, Navalny's team published His last letter from prison.

“No matter how many times you say that it does not matter, mathematically or politically, who you vote for, you still find yourself in the voting booth with the pen hovering over the ballot paper. “In the end, you have to decide where to put “With your mark.”

Voters were left with Alexei Navalny's final message from prison before the election | EPA-EFE/Stringer

The basic strategy of the “Noon Against Putin” campaign is very active online, with information spreading through social media and YouTube channels of opposition groups.

In addition, there was a traditional political campaign, led by the political section of Navalny's team led by Leonid Volkov, He saw About 14,000 people participated in Russia and abroad, raising about 240,000 euros.

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