June 23, 2024

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The Palestinian Islamic Movement says more than 9,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the war began

The Palestinian Islamic Movement says more than 9,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the war began

The number continues to rise. The Hamas Health Ministry announced on Wednesday, November 1, that 9,061 people, including 3,760 children, had been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7. According to Israeli officials, more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians, were killed during the Hamas offensive. Follow our live stream.

• IDF announces new charge on hostages. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said during his morning press conference Broadcast on the official IDF websitewhat”242 people” carried out by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, the balance “240 people were abducted. by the Palestinian Islamic Movement. Families of all hostages”reported”. Among them, Israelis, dual citizens and foreigners. Daniel Hagari said 332 Israeli soldiers have died in combat since the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Four hundred men should reach Egypt during the day. A group “100 passengers holding foreign nationals” He left the Gaza Strip for Egypt, according to a spokesman for the terminal in the Palestinian Territory. The announcement came shortly after Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Ismail Ghairat said his country was preparing. “To facilitate the reception and evacuation of foreign nationals from Gaza through the Rafah crossing point.” He added that“Environment 7 000” People “Over 60” Nationalities suffered. In total, 400 dead and 60 wounded are expected to reach Egypt during the day.

Two Palestinians and one Israeli were killed in the West Bank. Three victims died during the violence in several parts of the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health and Israeli emergency services. The two young Palestinians are 14 and 19 years old. The Israeli man’s age was not released. For months, the West Bank has been the scene of numerous Israeli military operations, abuses by Israeli settlers against the Palestinian population and Palestinian attacks on settlements and Israeli forces.

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According to Hamas, nearly 200 people were killed in the Jabaliya refugee camp. The Hamas government claimed that 195 people were killed in two Israeli bombings of the Jabaliya refugee camp on Tuesday and Wednesday. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday “frustrated” Israel attacked the largest refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. UN Human Rights The High Commissioner, for its part, estimated that the evening could produce these blasts. “War Crimes”.