June 19, 2024

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The redesign of Google Wallet makes the app more compact

The redesign of Google Wallet makes the app more compact

The current Google Wallet app is quite plain with a lot of empty space which the upcoming compactly focused redesign looks set to address.

The app still starts with “Wallet” and your profile picture at the top. However, your credit and/or debit cards appear instantly afterward as Google has removed the unnecessary NFC circular animation.

The carousel has been modified so that the cards no longer appear side by side, but rather one behind the other with an indication of how many points you have removed. In its place is the NFC symbol and the name of the bank. This change allows you to peek into other payment methods you have stored.

Compared to the previous design, the empty space at the bottom of the carousel has also been removed. As such, you can see two more passes. In the current theme, you have to swipe, thus hiding the carousel, to see anything beyond your first two swipes. This redesign removes the vertical view of your default card in the top left corner.

As Google Wallet supports ID cards, digital car keys, and transit cards, the ability to quickly access stored items, with less scrolling, will become increasingly important.

The built-in Google Wallet redesign was discovered in version 2.193.x and is not yet widely released.

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