Saturday, July 13, 2024

The United States plans to reopen borders for vaccinated travelers


Washington is developing a “gradual approach, which means all foreigners coming to the United States should be fully vaccinated,” a White House official said.

A White House official said Wednesday (August 4) that the United States, which has closed borders to many foreign travelers, including Europeans, plans to finally have its territory fully vaccinated.

Washington is a “The gradual approach is that all foreigners coming to the United States – from all countries – should be fully vaccinated, with limited exceptions.“, The source said without giving the calendar.

Working groups dedicated to this question “At the right time, you are developing a policy to be ready to move towards this new system”, Said the manager.

The tone is very cautious but it is a development for the United States that does not want to hear about trials or vaccinations to reopen its borders on July 26th.

Currently, travelers from Europe, India, Brazil or China cannot enter the United States, except for certain compelling reasons. Washington has so far been deaf to mutual calls, especially from Europeans.

Although EU countries have decided to reopen their own borders to Americans, travelers from the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland have not been able to enter the United States since March 2020 if they are vaccinated against Covit-19 or given a negative test.

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