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TWICE performs “Moonlight Sunrise” at the 2023 Billboard Women In Music – Billboard


TWICE has basked in the spotlight for her performance in “Moonlight Sunrise” at the paintingThe 2023 Women in Music Gala held at the YouTube Stage in Los Angeles on Wednesday (March 1).

As the performance begins, pictures of each member flash onto giant screens amidst shots of the gorgeous sunrise. As screens lifted to reveal the K-pop group in matching black outfits, TWICE wowed the audience – once full of screamers – with spot-on choreography throughout the adorable ensemble.

Song – from the upcoming mini album Ready to be – is the second English-language single by a K-pop group; The first was “The Feels”, which arrived in October 2021. “Moonlight Sunrise”, released in January, peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 84 on the chart dated February 4. The previous single “The Feels” reached and charted a better place—at No. 83 on October 16, 2021—and was also the group’s first song to crack the Hot 100.

Earlier in the evening, TWICE — made up of Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Tzuyu, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Jeongyeon — was honored with the Billboard 2023 Women in Music Breakthrough Award presented to K-pop stars by Sabrina Carpenter.

“I was especially happy that they were recognized for being a really big guy,” the “Bullshit” singer admitted to the audience. “They are so talented, and now I consider myself for once, which is half of this room! I really hope this award exposes them to a larger audience in the States.”

After the group took the stage to accept the honour, Chaeyoung held the award and was the first to speak. “Receiving a Billboard Women in Music Breakout Artist is the most magical way to start our year,” she began. “Since we became TWICE, we have believed in each other to always be together when taking a step into our future. This moment is especially meaningful because we are all standing here together in front of our fans who have made our dreams come true. This ‘breakthrough artist’ title proves that if you confidently push for your dream, your dreams will come true.” The people who support you will always be your team, and you will achieve success.”

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Tzuyu added, “This achievement will forever motivate us to challenge ourselves to break more barriers.”

In an interview with painting Ahead of the event, TWICE shared their thoughts on their growing global success despite language differences. Jihyo said at the time, “I think it is our songs that have the color of TWICE rather than the language in which the song is sung.” “I don’t think the language is suitable for implementing TWICE [identity]. “

Chaeyoung added that the songwriters know each female character well and their strengths, so they are able to craft better tunes for the group. “They really express our personalities well, so I think that really establishes our style,” she said. “That’s why you bear different languages.”

And while they have now been named Billboard’s Breakthrough Artist and are starting to make their way to the Hot 100, TWICE is aiming high for the future. Chaeyoung told Billboard earlier, “My personal goal moving forward is to be the number one [Hot 100]. “