April 23, 2024

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Ukraine: Kill Putin to stop the war?  The Russian embassy in Rome is prosecuting La Stampa

Ukraine: Kill Putin to stop the war? The Russian embassy in Rome is prosecuting La Stampa

What if “Putin’s assassination is the only way” from the war in Ukraine? The Russian ambassador to Italy lodged the complaint against the La Stampa daily on Friday after publishing an editorial examining the hypothesis about the removal of the Russian president.

In an article published on March 22, journalist and war correspondent Dominic Guerrero wrote: “Military intervention is rejected, diplomatic solution is not working, all that remains is to carry out the assassination of Jorz with a close hand.”

“This is the first plan of Biden, NATO and the Europeans: someone in Moscow must assassinate Putin and free us from the burden,” he said. But the war correspondent was abducted twice in Libya in 2011 and then twice in Syria in 2013: “Are we sure that the violent elimination of the tyrant will not make matters worse? We can only be hopeless.

“Not the Russian ambassador can teach us the press”

Russia’s ambassador to Italy, Sergei Rashov, filed a complaint Friday morning with the Rome prosecutor’s office alleging incitement to crime. On leaving the court, the diplomat denounced the article as “violating ethics, ethics and press rules”. When questioned, the director of La Stompa denied the “unsubstantiated allegations”.

“Dominico explained the removal of this theory (…). Beyond the moral question, he writes that this solution would be worse than the disease, because it risks deepening Russia’s sense of revenge,” Massimo Giannini pleaded. He also rejected the lessons, saying “it is not the Russian ambassador who is teaching us the press.”

La Stampa has the support of many political parties and officials, including government leader Mario Draghi. Speaking to reporters in Brussels after the European Summit, Mario Draghi said, “I would like to express my solidarity with all the journalists of La Stampa and its director, Mr. Giannini.

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Commenting on the Russian diplomat’s complaint, he said, “Basically he is the ambassador of a country where there is no freedom of the press.” “And with us, there is (freedom of the press, editorial note). We are better at home, we are much better,” he said.

“This is a significant difference between Italy, Europe, liberal democracies and Putin’s Russia, where citizens are arrested only because they call war war,” he said on his Twitter account.