May 27, 2024

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V Rising gets a new update on Steam, patch notes revealed

V Rising gets a new update on Steam, patch notes revealed

New update for V . height It was released today for those who use a PC. Since it was first launched as early as two weeks ago, V . height It quickly became one of the biggest games on Steam. So much so that it has already managed to reach a player base over a million. Now, with so many people playing, developer Stunlock Studios has proven that the game will be patched frequently.

As of this moment, update 0.5.41591 in V . height Available for download on Steam. For the most part, this patch isn’t very comprehensive and is primarily looking to add “general optimizations for the client to improve stability and performance.” In pursuit of this, Stunlock Studios has added a new graphics option to the game and an FPS limit that should help improve performance.

To go along with these new settings being added to V . heightThis patch also fixed a number of random bugs starting to appear within the game. Again, this is not an update that will change drastically V . height As a whole, but it should be very welcome to those who have played the title for themselves recently.

If you want to take a deeper look at every new change in this update for V . heightYou can find the comprehensive patch notes attached below.

Patch Notes – Version 0.5.41591

  • Texture quality has been added to the graphics options, which can significantly reduce texture memory usage.
  • FPS limit option added to advanced graphics options.
  • Low quality atmosphere changed to high quality atmosphere to keep the options menu consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where the Anti-aliasing option could not be set to anything other than TAA from the main menu.
  • Stairs have been added to the Castle Floors tab in the Build menu to make them easier for players to find.
  • Fixed missing grids on certain global objects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a performance drop when hitting Night Marshal Styx the Sunderer with specific abilities (eg, Mirror Strike).
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