June 16, 2024

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"Very excited about this ah!"

“Very excited about this ah!”

Singer Olivia Rodrigo officially dropped the release date for her new single, Vampire, on Instagram on Tuesday.

In an Instagram post, the singer and actress posted a sideways black and white profile picture of herself as she announced and expressed her excitement at the release of her latest single, Vampire, at the end of June.

My new song, Vampire, will be released on June 30! Rodrigo, she mentioned in the caption of her Instagram post.

You can save now. So excited for this ahhhhh!!!!!!! 🖤🩸💜🫀❤️

The black and white side pic posted to Instagram by Rodrigo, 20, also featured Rodrigo wearing a dark shade of lipstick and two purple pandas on her neck.

Vampire: Singer Olivia Rodrigo announced June 13 on Instagram that her newest single, “Vampire,” will be released on June 30.
Teasers: In the black and white side shot that Rodrigo posted to promote the June 30 release of her latest single “Vampire,” two purple pandas can be seen positioned in the shape of the letter “X” on her neck.

The purple panda that appeared on the neck of the former High School Musical: The Musical: The star of the series is placed in the shape of an “X”.

Rodrigo also promoted the release of her upcoming single “Vampire” on her Instagram stories.

The singer promoted her post in the slick black-and-white side-scrolling profile on her Instagram Stories, writing, “hehe” on that Instagram Story.

In a second Instagram story, Rodrigo shared a photo of the soon-to-be-released song’s lyrics, which included the words “bloood sucker” around the 1:15 mark of the song.

“You can save now 😎,” Rodrigo wrote on her second Instagram story while also sharing a link to her website.

Rodrigo used the third and fourth stories she posted to her Instagram Stories to announce that her upcoming single “Vampire” is currently available for pre-order ahead of its June 30th release date.

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The single, according to Rodrigo’s Instagram Stories, is available for pre-order in CD and 7-inch vinyl versions on the singer’s website.

The last Instagram Story Rodrigo posted to her Instagram Stories was a repost from her friend and singer-songwriter Conan Gray, which was of an Edward and Bella scene from the Twilight movie series.

blood sucker: Rodrigo also promoted the release of her upcoming single “Vampire” on her Instagram stories. They even included a link to their website
Promoting “Vampire”: The singer used her Instagram Stories to also announce that “Vampire” was available for pre-order on CD and 7-inch vinyl releases on her website.
Teasers?: Rodrigo’s friend and singer-songwriter Conan Gray posted a cryptic story to Instagram of a scene of Edward and Bella from the Twilight film series, captioned, “Olivia Rodrigo single.” Rodrigo herself will repost Gray’s story on her Instagram Stories
Rodrigo at The Standard for the Boom Met Gala After-Party, Boom Boom Room, NYC in May

“Olivia Rodrigo’s new song,” Gray captioned his Instagram story, which Rodrigo herself shared on her Instagram Stories.

“Vampire” would be the lead single from Rodrigo’s sophomore album.

“Vampire” is an artist’s sound with power in control, imbued with a sense of maturity and audacious confidence…”, a press release released coinciding with the announcement of the release date of Rodrygo’s latest single.

with “vampire” [Olivia Rodrigo] Getting ready to start an exciting new chapter,” the press release reads.

The song will also be the first original music released by Rodrygo since his debut album album was released in May 2021.

The 20-year-old singer co-wrote her upcoming single, Vampire, with her trusted partner, Sour Dan Nigro.