Thursday, July 25, 2024

Vladimir Putin vows those responsible for attack that killed at least 133 will be “punished”


Vladimir Putin said all the attackers had been arrested and were trying to flee to Ukraine.

The Russian president made the pledge in a televised address on Saturday “Four direct teachers [de l’attentat]All those who shot and killed people »They were arrested while there “Escaped towards Ukraine”. “According to preliminary data [des enquêteurs], A paragraph was prepared on the side of Ukraine [leur permettre de] Cross the border [russe] »He continued.

Vladimir Putin also promised “All authors, organizers and sponsors of this crime[aie]Unjustly and inevitably unpunished.” “An unenviable fate awaits terrorists, murderers, inhumans. (…) : Punishment and Oblivion. They have no future.”He insisted.

On Saturday morning, the Kremlin announced the arrest of eleven people. Including four terrorists directly involved in the attack. The Russian Intelligence Service later noted that the four were arrested in the Bryansk region on the border between Ukraine and Belarus.

The Russian Security Services (FSB), for their part, confirmed that they had the arrested suspects “Contacts” In Ukraine, without directly accusing Kyiv officials of participating in the attack.

Ukrainian officials, for their part, denied any involvement on Friday evening, which they repeated on Saturday.

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