May 26, 2024

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War in Ukraine: 1,000 soldiers per day… Russian losses increase significantly since early 2024

War in Ukraine: 1,000 soldiers per day… Russian losses increase significantly since early 2024

According to the latest figures from the British Ministry of Defence, the Russian army faces human losses from the beginning of 2024. Every day, it loses nearly 1,000 soldiers (killed or wounded).

The war that Vladimir started was very costly in human life for the Russian army. This emerges from a memo from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, published by our colleagues this week Business Insider And Western France.

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Thus, since February 24, 2022, Moscow has recorded a daily average of 658 losses, including soldiers wounded or killed on the battlefield. According to British services, this average has increased significantly since 2024, with 913 reported losses per day in the first quarter of the year. This is despite a relative lull in Russian attacks in March, at least until Vladimir Putin is re-elected.

The strategy of numbers

According to the British Ministry of Defence, “this increase (seen since the beginning of the year) reflects Russia's continued reliance on mass to maintain pressure on the Ukrainian front.” The Kremlin's spring conscription campaign has begun in recent days, a strategy of numbers that may have its limits in the long run amid the country's manpower shortage and difficulties recruiting volunteers to the frontline.

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Yet according to British intelligence, in a post on X in early March, the Russian military recorded 355,000 casualties in the Ukrainian conflict.