May 26, 2024

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At the center of the Stormy Daniels investigation is the cover-up of all scandals involving Donald Trump

At the center of the Stormy Daniels investigation is the cover-up of all scandals involving Donald Trump

Former porn star Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford – is a key figure in the trial, which is set to open in New York on Monday, April 15.. Eighteen years after her brief sexual fling with Donald Trump, she finds herself at the center of a media hullabaloo that she has always suffered from.

But Democrat Alvin Bragg, a Manhattan attorney who is putting his reputation and credibility on the line here, isn't focused on the details of the case. Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, a magistrate must prove that Donald Trump's security system against corruption is criminally reprehensible.

Donald Trump, who was indicted on thirty-four counts in early April 2023, faces a case full of material elements and evidence. The billionaire Republican, through his counsel Michael Cohen, is accused of making organized payments to ensure the suppression of incriminating testimony, particularly from women he had sex with.

“catch and kill”

According to the investigators, “Participants violated election laws” and recorded false expenses in the accounts of the various companies involved. The exact nature of the expenditure from August 2015 to December 2017 was also concealed. But proving Donald Trump's tax evasion or his intent to hide the Trump Organization's accounts will be a major challenge for the prosecution.

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“catch and kill” : This is called crisis strategy used by the candidate when the election is approaching. Catching revelations, nipping them in the bud. It was a time when Donald Trump was concerned about his reputation. A newcomer to the political scene, the outrageous entrepreneur who rocked the conservative camp was on the verge of making a huge surprise by securing the Republican nomination. She faced Hillary Clinton, the absolute embodiment of the Democratic elite, without a strong political proposition but with the distinction of being the first woman ever to come so close to the Oval Office.

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The Republican nominee's vulnerabilities were numerous and identified long ago. The policy of a protective shield to protect him would have been formalized during the August 2015 meeting. Among the participants were Donald Trump himself, his advisor Michael Cohen and American Media Group boss David Becker. The tabloid joined National Enquirer. The newspaper, with its vast resources and non-existent stinkers, has its own political agenda, its priorities, its stars to highlight and its targets to sink.

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