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What part did the French army play during the night from Saturday to Sunday?

What part did the French army play during the night from Saturday to Sunday?

Different versions of Paris's involvement in the defense of Israeli territory are circulating after the Tehran regime sent drones and missiles against Israel. President Emmanuel Macron on Monday approved France's intervention.


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French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a joint press conference in Jerusalem, Oct. 24, 2023.  (Christophe Ena/AFP)

After the Iranian attack on Israeli territory, from Saturday April 13 to Sunday night April 14, presidents around the world fear a conflagration in the Middle East. Tensions in the region are pushing French diplomacy to weigh words about France's role in defending Israeli territory.

For its part, the Israeli military was happy to be convinced “International Allied Defense Alliance”, led by the United States, along with Britain, France and other countries, to counter Iran's deployment of drones and missiles. Several editions of Franceinfo are in circulation.

For the Israeli military: France was part of the “Defense Coalition of International Allies”.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari announced on Sunday that France had participated in Israel's defense after the attack. “unprecedented” It was launched by Iran from Saturday to Sunday. “France has made an important contribution”The spokesperson stated during an interview with a foreign press the world.

According to the Israeli military, the Iranian attack was repelled using a “International Allied Defense Alliance”, including the United States, Britain, France and other countries. The spokesperson said, “More than 350 drones and ballistic missiles and cruise missiles” were launched towards Israel. No drones or missiles “Israel did not enter the territory”Except for a few ballistic missiles “Strike the Bottom of the Navatim”.

“We intercepted 99% of the shots aimed at Israel” Daniel Hagari said in a televised address. “This is the first time such a coalition has worked together against the threat posed by Iran and its proxies in the Middle East.”he added. “I would like to thank France and the French who participated in these interceptions” Israeli army spokesman Col. Olivier Rabovitch told Bransinbo.

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To Stéphane Séjourné: “We have accepted our responsibilities”

On Sunday evening, Foreign Minister Stéphane Sejournay, a guest on France 2's “20 Heures” program, clarified the parameters of French intervention in Israeli security. “We have accepted our responsibilities because we are actors in regional security.”, he promised. According to the minister, France participated in the defense of air bases in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. “The Iranian attack not only trapped Israel, but also undermined the security of our forces and violated the airspace of our Arab partners.” In this context, “France intercepted many of these missiles to protect French bases in the region”.

There is the French army “Contributed to Monitoring” It uses military assets in the region, particularly in Jordan, a military source confirmed to franceinfo. As part of that, he intercepted Iranian missiles against Israel “Self Defense Measures”. Thus, the French soldiers resorted to an air defense system “It can be on the ground and in the air”Following the same source.

To Emmanuel Macron: “interruptions” at Jordan's request

“We interfered”On Monday, Emmanuel Macron confirmed his role. Interviewed by BFMTV During an interview 102 days before the start of the Paris Olympics. France has done “Interruptions” Iranian missiles and drones targeting Israel overnight from Saturday to Sunday at Jordan's request. “We have an air base in Jordan (…) Jordanian airspace was violated by these scenes”State President explained.

“We got our planes off the ground and intercepted what we needed to intercept.”

Emmanuel Macron


The President also assured that he would “Do everything to avoid conflict”. He has “We condemn in the strongest possible terms Iran's unprecedented attack against Israel” and invited the shareholders “with control”. But these “Americans Play Most Important Role in Controlling Iran”, he agreed. By deciding “Attacked Israel” From its soil, Iran provoked “The Deep Gap” And “Open ones are more dangerous in terms of reaction”He estimated.

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