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War in Ukraine live: 53 bombs dropped in Kherson region in last 24 hours



According to Catherine Colonna, there is “no restriction” about supplying fighter jets to Ukraine.

According to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna at JDD, “no ban” Regarding the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine. The French diplomatic chief was interviewed the day after announcing the delivery of thirteen Mig-29 fighter jets to Slovakia and four to Poland.


China and Russia can develop space weapons to destroy US satellites

China and Russia could develop space weapons to destroy US satellites, according to US military news reports from General Bradley Sanz Saltzman, the commander of US space forces.


Nine combat-ready Russian warships are stationed off the coast of Crimea

According to a spokesman for the Southern Operations Command, nine ships, including two missile carriers, are stationed in the Black Sea. According to him, the Russians keep their warships in a safe zone 100 nautical miles from the nearest Ukrainian positions so as not to be attacked.


An airstrike alert has been issued in the Donetsk region


Many Indian and Emirati companies will help Russia avoid oil embargoes

According to Bloomberg, at least two Indian and Emirati companies are helping Russia circumvent oil embargoes imposed by Western democracies. According to the news agency, the fleet now supplies millions of barrels of Russian oil around the world.


Putin would be arrested if he entered Germany

After the ICC’s arrest warrant for Putin, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann vowed to arrest him “if he ever sets foot on German territory.”



Sanctions against Russia have already had a strong impact on the country’s economy

According to a study by the International Student Working Group, sanctions against Russia will have a significant impact on the country’s economy in 2023. Although sanctions started late, they are now producing significant effects. Cash balances fell by 60% in the fourth quarter of 2022 from the second quarter of 2022, and the trend looks set to continue in 2023. The ruble has lost 20% of its value since November, paving the way for higher consumer prices. A time when fewer Russians could afford it. Additionally, oil and gas revenues are expected to decline by 50% by 2023.


All European flags were removed from Europe Square in Moscow

Moscow has removed all European flags from Europe Square in the Dorokomilovo district near Kiev train station. The square was created in 2001-2002 as part of the Belgo-Russian project, as a symbol of European unity.


Uncertainty over the extension of the Ukrainian grain contract

After negotiations, a July 2022 international agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, crucial to averting a food crisis, was extended on Saturday in extremism, but Kiev and Moscow differed on the duration of the extension. Neither the United Nations nor Ankara gave details on the extension period. Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said the extension was for 120 days. But Moscow quickly contradicted him, promising that only a 60-day extension had been decided.

Ocean Goes/AFP


Putin’s visit to Mariupol

After Crimea, Vladimir Putin went to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which was destroyed by bombings. This is the first visit of a Russian leader to this Ukrainian port city. Besieged for months, it was taken by the Russian army in May 2022. According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin flew to Mariupol by helicopter and toured the city, he drove a car. He spoke with local residents, visited places of interest and gave a report on reconstruction work in the devastated city, according to Russian news agencies.

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Two people died in the strike in Kramatorsk

Russian attacks continue. Two people were killed and ten others wounded in Russian attacks with “cluster explosives” on Saturday afternoon in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, the city’s mayor announced. “Russia continues its reign of terror. The consequences of the bombardment of Kramatorsk with cluster munitions: 2 people were killed and 8 injured, 3 of them seriously,” says Mayor Alexander Kontsarenko on his Facebook page.

Aris Messines / AFP



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