April 14, 2024

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Washington says it is “concerned” by “growing security ties between North Korea and Russia”.

Washington says it is “concerned” by “growing security ties between North Korea and Russia”.

America is “Concern over growing security ties between North Korea and Russia”. A spokesman for the National Security Council responded to the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un on Wednesday, September 13, the same day. During a lunch, the North Korean dictator promised his Russian opponent victory “A Great Success” to face his enemies. The Russian President is watching “Expectations” Military cooperation with North Korea despite international sanctions targeting Pyongyang. Russia respects all these restrictions” However, Vladimir Putin said on Russian TV. The US immediately announced that it had approved the sale of F-35 fighter jets to South Korea. Follow our live coverage.

Romania claims to have found drone fragments “Like Used” by the Russian army. NATO also issued a statement to this effect on Wednesday evening. After the third discovery of debris on Wednesday, Romanian authorities are on high alert, an investigation has been initiated. These attacks against a NATO member state were assessed “destabilization” By Jens Stoltenberg. The NATO Secretary General spoke on his X account on Saturday, after the first discovery of drone debris in Romania.

Three Ukrainian drones shot down in Black Sea Russia said on Wednesday it had destroyed three of Ukraine’s drones after the attack A shipyard in Sevastopol, Crimea region, in the morning. Pro-Russian governor of this territory annexed by Russia 24 people were injured.

DRussian drones targeted Ismail port infrastructure last night. “Damages noticed”Odesa Governor Ole Kiber reports in a telegram. “Six Civilians” They were taken to the hospital “DThree people are in critical condition.

Kim Jong-un pledges his support to Vladimir Putin. The North Korean leader used the meeting with the Russian president to reaffirm his support for Russia against Ukraine. We hope that the Russian army and people will achieve great success in the holy struggle to punish the evildoers.”, Kim Jong-un said during a lunch organized in his honor Russian TV.

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