June 15, 2024

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Weather: He predicts an autumn of storms and snow… Jorge Ray, the 16-year-old weather YouTuber who captivated Spain.

Weather: He predicts an autumn of storms and snow… Jorge Ray, the 16-year-old weather YouTuber who captivated Spain.

The so-called “el niño meteorólogo” (the child meteorologist) is a curiosity in the Spanish media landscape.

Interested in meteorology, George Ray She is only 16 years old and currently has tens of thousands of followers on all social networks. His uniqueness? He considers Weather forecast Mostly clear, sometimes conflicting with Aemet (local Météo France), but mostly correct.

Thus, he has returned to the forefront in recent weeks since he predicted the high intensity of A Storm who crossed Spain In early September. George Ray confirmed that strong accumulations should be expected Madrid and ToledoA place condemned by Spain Three people died Many people went missing (not found) during this tragic event.

In early 2021, he also warned of seriousness PhilomenaA storm produced monumental snowfalls and there too, The Many deaths in Spain.

Little Weather Genius, nicknamed “Meteorologist boy“, has now captivated Spain, and with every video published on his “El Tiempo de JR” account, although his method is a little surprising, the most serious Spanish newspapers now take his predictions.

The wisdom of the sayings of the ancestors

Don’t rely on George Ray alone Different models Get the weather. He adds Old practicesLess conventional, especially by using his videos Phrases A filled Popular wisdom It attracts more rural audience. Additionally, it dependsNatural care and other alternative techniques.

For this fall, Burgos’ baby makes sure to be heavy in the rain and snow. Everything was confirmed by the proverb “Hazelnut year, snow on the window”.
For the trendy youngster, “This month, we’ll go furtherCold air inlets and high temperature changes. We already enter a autumn Who can book us well Surprises“, predicts the young meteorologist.

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According to his latest video, temperatures will drop and rain will spread to different parts of the peninsula. The prediction is supported by the saying, “For Saint-Eustache, take the pears and prepare the seedbed.”

But, aware of its increasing weight on public opinion, “JR” calls his followers Be careful with weather forecasts and Warnings from specialized agencies.