May 30, 2024

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William Byron wins NASCAR appeal, regains match points

William Byron wins NASCAR appeal, regains match points

CONCORD, NC – Thursday’s Appeals Panel returned 25 points William Byron It was docked by NASCAR for a spinning championship competitor deliberately Denny HamlinA decisive decision helps his hopes in the playoffs.

The three-person panel found Byron violated the NASCAR rule to spin Hamlin under caution. But Hendrick Motorsports appealed the NASCAR penalty, which was initially a $50,000 fine and a 25-point loss in the championship race.

Instead, the commission raised the fine to $100,000 and returned Byron his points. Positive referee Byron moved from the bottom of the elimination line to Sunday’s race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the field will be reduced from 12 to eight.

Byron took 10th place in the standings by losing points; He is now seventh in the standings and 14 points above the cut-off line.

The panel’s decision – TV CEO Hunter Nickell and short-track promoter Del Benellis and Kevin Whitaker – upset the standings in the second elimination race of the playoffs.

Austin Cendrick And the Chase Briscowho tied for eighth, both fell below the cut-off line. Christopher Bell decreased from 33 points below the cut-off line to 45 points, and Daniel Suarez Now it sits in eighth place in the standings.

The controversy surrounding Byron’s work at Texas Motor Speedway two weeks ago was because NASCAR officials at the registration tower missed the intentional spin of Hamlin. Out of anger was under caution. Despite the long caution period and the huge restart screen at the Texas Stadium, NASCAR simply missed out and was unable to issue a penalty in the race.

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