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WWE Raw Results (02/20) – United States Championship match, Seth Rollins vs. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler vs. Mustafa Ali & More


Zayn says he is overwhelmed with emotion, but the one feeling more remarkable than any other is gratitude. He thanks the crowd for their applause, but says he feels guilty that he failed against Reigns in front of his family, friends, and town. He says he realized the story was never over about his parts in Canada, but the final chapter is about to begin. He says there’s one person he needs to talk to tonight more than anyone else, then calls Kevin Owens for the episode.

He hits Kevin Owens’ music and heads to the ring. Zayn says there’s a lot he wants to say to Owens, but now that he’s here, he doesn’t know what to say. He thanks Owens and apologizes to him, but says they are out of point. He says he doesn’t know if they can come back from what they’ve said to each other over the past few months, but he knows Owens wants The Bloodline removed and he won’t stop until he does. Zane says it’s his mission to see The Bloodline fall apart like he does, but neither of them can do it alone. He suggests they join forces to complete their common goal, and Owens says he doesn’t need Zane’s apology. He says that he did not help Zayn in the “elimination chamber” for him, but for his family (who were watching from the front row). He says his family had to watch The Bloodline attack him at the “Royal Rumble” while Zayn did nothing, and says he’s been trying to eliminate The Bloodline for months. He says he meant it when he told Zen he wanted nothing to do with him, and if he wanted help, he should ask Ji Uso. Then roll back.

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Sami Zayn looks back, but Baron Corben appears out of nowhere and stuns him with an attack.

After returning from the break, Corbin heckles Sami Zayn while the officials and Adam Pearce check on him. He brags about being the last person to beat Reigns and says Zayn embarrassed himself in front of Canada. Zane wants to get his hands on Corbin, and Pierce tells him to. Zayn runs into the ring and eliminates Corbin, then releases his right hands as the referee enters the ring. Zane puts Corbin’s clothes on the outside, then sends his head bouncing off the advertising desk and catapulting him into the ring post.

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