February 24, 2024

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A floating sauna saves Tesla passengers from drowning in a fjord in Norway – Liberation

A floating sauna saves Tesla passengers from drowning in a fjord in Norway – Liberation

An electric car and its two passengers sank on an ice board on Thursday, February 1. Fortunately, a floating sauna came to their rescue.

A free sauna session for the lost Tesla. That's what these Norwegians won in Oslo Fjord, Norway on Thursday, February 1. The two thought they had parked their luxurious black sports coupe near the water on Akershusstranda Quay in the center of town. In fact, the silent car deceived them: the engine did not turn off. Unfortunately, the driver pressed the wrong button and his electric beast plunged into the icy waters of the fjord, whose temperature was above freezing. The passengers in Elon Musk's company car had little chance of survival in this cold. Eyewitnesses were left speechless as they filmed the unidentified floating object. One of them told a local newspaper The Walk of the World (VG) to have “Shocked and surprised, it was like a horror movie”.

A few meters away, a floating sauna balances its passengers on the gentle waves of the fjord. In serene, candy pink bikinis and patterned shorts, two tourists work themselves up to a sweat. Splash. The sound of the big bike falling into the water startled them and one of them “”Captain» From the floating sauna, Nicholay Nordahl, warn him. “I gasped at the people who were getting out of the car. We arrived when the car sank.”He expressed hope VG. Loaded into a new car and with an integrated sauna, Tesla's occupants had no time to bid a final farewell to their defunct bodies. In their misfortune, the motorist and his passengers were lucky: after their ice bath, they were able to warm up immediately in the sauna provided for them.

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«They literally helped save our lives», admitted, with gratitude, to Tesla's passenger newspaper VG. The vehicle was also recovered, but by a recovery truck. According to officials, the two survivors returned to the dock unharmed. Tesla, on the other hand, really sunk.