February 29, 2024

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The US has imposed new economic sanctions on Iran

The US has imposed new economic sanctions on Iran

US Attorney General Merrick Garland.
Eduardo Muñoz/Reuters

The US Justice Department is targeting the Revolutionary Guards, the ideological army of the Tehran regime, and pro-Iranian groups.

The US government imposed new economic and judicial sanctions against Iran on Friday, February 2, at a time when its armed forces carried out attacks in Iran and Syria targeting Tehran's Revolutionary Guards and pro-Iranian groups. Justice Minister Merrick Garland and Damian Williams, federal prosecutor for New York's Manhattan jurisdiction, announced the cases. “Terrorism, embargo evasion, fraud and money laundering against seven individuals in an oil fraud network organized by a foreign terrorist organization, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Quds Force.”, its elite unit. The Revolutionary Guards form the ideological army of the Tehran regime.

In a press release, the US judge accused Iranian officials and Turkish executives of the Ankara Energy Group “Laundering and Selling Iran's Oil to Buyers Linked to China, Russia and Syria to Fund Quds Force, Iran Supports Terrorism”. The Manhattan Federal Prosecutor's Office also announced “Revolutionary Guard Companies Seize $108 Million From US Financial Institutions' Accounts”. “Iran uses its black market oil sales channels to finance its criminal activities, including support for the Revolutionary Guards, Hamas, Hezbollah and other related terrorist groups.”Minister Garland announced in a press release.

Shocked tried drones and cyber attacks

On Friday morning, the US Treasury publicly imposed new sanctions against Iranian companies and individuals involved in, or providing support to, the production of Shaheed combat drones and attempted cyber attacks on infrastructure in the US. Natural and legal persons are accused of being associated with or belonging to the Revolutionary Guards. In 2021, cyber attacks targeted a children's hospital in Boston (Northeast), but also several European countries and Israel. “Deliberate targeting of critical infrastructure by Iranian cyber actors is unacceptable and dangerous. (what) America will not tolerate”Treasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson thundered in a statement.

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Sanctions target Chinese companies in Hong Kong for Shaheed drone production. They are accused of supplying parts to companies and people already targeted by US sanctions. Sanctions have also been imposed on a Chinese company suspected of belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, accused of selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Iranian raw materials on behalf of the China Oil and Petroleum Company Group. These sanctions freeze all assets directly or indirectly held in the United States by the individuals and entities concerned and prevent any entity or person based in the United States from conducting financial transactions with these individuals. Companies.