May 26, 2024

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A severed head, gold nuggets, wigs… Prigozhin’s villa in Moscow is on display

A severed head, gold nuggets, wigs… Prigozhin’s villa in Moscow is on display

He disappeared after a failed mutiny attempt by the Wagner group: Yevkhuni Prigozhin was actually in Russia. And precisely in St. Petersburg, where his villa was also raided by Russian security services, he was quick to broadcast pictures of a pied-à-terre with suspicious decor.

A Severed head photo According to the media, which blurred the image, was found to be significant. The search begins on June 25th and we find this large mansion at the end of an alley in a large park. The images show the weapons: Pistols and Kalashnikovs, gold bars, banknotes, rubles, dollars and passports… Wagner’s boss is sometimes called Prigozhin, but also Oleg Semyonov or Vladimir Bobrov.

The rooms are decorated with black and white marble floors and curtains on the windows, as well as golden chandeliers … A veritable realm of bad taste. A closet contains wigs and fake beards, as well as a series of selfies of Yevgeny Prigogine wearing these hairpieces. Then, next to it is a large bathroom with Jacuzzi A furnished hospital room All equipment required for intensive care.

A large mass was added to this cargo, A huge hammer on the ground : It reads, “To be used during important negotiations”. One of the symbols of the Wagner group was the mace. The weapon is used to torture or kill enemies.

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